Audi is expected to showcase a hydrogen fuel cell-powered version of Q6 e-tron quattro concept at the Detroit motor show in January. To be called Audi Q6 h-tron, the concept’s styling is likely to be quite similar to the Audi Q6 e-tron’s, with only minimal changes made to the exterior.

Audi Q6 h-tron

The Audi Q6 e-tron features three electric motors producing a combined 429bhp, with a claimed zero-emission driving range of around 500km. The Tesla Model X rival will go on sale in international markets in 2018. German media reports suggest the Audi Q6 h-tron will use the same MLB platform as the all-electric e-tron quattro concept. That car’s batteries, which were mounted low down to create the best possible centre of gravity, will be replaced with hydrogen fuel cells.

As from the news from Autocarindia, a spokesman from Audi stopped short of revealing the car’s identity, it has been confirmed that “a concept car with new drive technology” is scheduled to be unveiled at the Detroit motor show.

Audi Q6 h-tron

The car maker registered the ‘h-tron’ earlier this year. It is known that the German manufacturer is keen on bringing fuel cell technology to the market. Audi engineers are said to have plenty of faith in hydrogen as a fuel, due to the ease with which it can be created, using wind turbines to ‘crack’ water into hydrogen and oxygen.

It is also likely that a production version of the Audi Q6 h-tron will be featured in the Q6 range, alongside traditional combustion-engined variants. If the Audi Q6 h-tron does make production, it will compete with Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell in the SUV market, as well as other hydrogen-powered cars like the Toyota Mirai and Honda’s upcoming FCV Clarity.