For the much talked about systems by Apple and Android, here is our CarPlay vs Android Auto. Both being introduced at the same time. These are the only options you have in the market. So today we help you decide which is worth it.

CarPlay vs Android Auto

INTERFACE: CarPlay vs Android Auto
Apple’s CarPlay provides a very simple experience. When plugging in your iPhone, the CarPlay logo will appear. You’ll have the ability to launch the interface from the car’s in-dash screen. Home screen of CarPlay, will have: Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, Now Playing, and Podcasts.
The icons are laid out similarly to an iOS device .Most actions are controlled through siri and can be accessed by the wheel. Third party apps are also there and more just are rolling out.
With Android Auto, you’re getting an experience that’s very similar to Google.The dedicated home is filled with relevant information depending on the situation. This acts as a home base for all notifications, navigation, and music. There’s not a traditional “home screen” as you’ll find with CarPlay. There are menu options at the bottom of the screen to access the various features.
Android Auto has a similar experience to CarPlay with Google Maps, Phone capabilities, SMS and Google Play. Android Auto can be controlled using Google Now commands which are. activated with the on-screen button or the dedicated hardware button on the steering wheel.


DESIGN: CarPlay vs Android Auto
Google’s Android Auto interface takes on the Material Design look that comes along with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Everything is very clean and fluid when navigating through the system.
CarPlay’s design seems very simple, but also features identical functionality for its native platform, though in my opinion Android Auto wins in terms of user interface controls and fluidity
These cannot be directly installed into your auto car system. This works when an application supports this. if so then it displays in the options in your menu bar.

Android Auto Apple CarPlay
BUILT-IN APPS Phone, Music, Google Maps, Hangouts Phone, Music, Apple Maps, Messages, Podcasts, iBooks
MUST-HAVE APPS Google Maps, Google Now Spotify, Messages
APPS WE WISH WERE COMPATIBLE Google Docs, Waze Google Maps, Waze
VOICE ACTIVATION Yes, via Google Yes, via Siri
WEATHER UPDATES Yes, via Google and visible tile Yes, via Siri
Yes, the Android Auto app No

Both experiences are very similar, but there’s a clear difference between the two that may come with a few sacrifices depending on your needs. CarPlay seems on point but Android Auto is user friendly. So let us know whats your take on the CarPlay vs Android Auto.