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LeEco Le Max2 vs Xiaomi Mi 5 vs Honor 7 |...

Today at an event in New Delhi, LeEco launched two of its new Smartphones in India, the LeEco Le2, and the LeEco Le Max2....
Comparison Chart of FOV (Field of View) of VR Headsets

Comparison Chart of FOV (Field of View) of VR Headsets

The human eye is superior that most technologies out there. It can perceive its surroundings with an incredible clarity, depth, and an extremely wide field...

Which is the better smartphone Le1s vs Mi Redmi Note 3

So you are in the market for a new smartphone in the price range of about 12000 INR and wondering which one you should...
Le 1s vs Redmi Note 3

LeTV Le 1s vs Redmi Note 3 : Spec battle

Xiaomi recently launched their Redmi Note 3 which created an uproar in the medium range smartphone market in India. People have gone as far...
canon 70d vs canon 80d

Canon 70D VS Canon 80D : Spec battle

Canon has finally taken upon themselves to refresh their DSLR line-up after a long wait, especially for the higher end models. Arrival of 1DX...

Asus ZenFone Zoom vs Apple iPhone 6

Asus Released their ZenFone Zoom in India recently with a price tag of INR 37999. It's priced similarly to the Apple iPhone 6. We...
lenovo k4 note, lenovo k5 note

Lenovo K4 Note vs Lenovo K5 Note

Lenovo recently launched two phones in its K-Series, the K4 Note and the K5 note. Both are in the same price range with little...