Storage on a Windows PC and laptops can be tedious. Sometimes even 1 terabyte of storage seems small with all that memory used with unknown files. And when you finally decide to remove all of it taking a day out, you manage to gain a few gigabytes, which at the end of the day is not enough. Well, we have a solution for that. This article will guide you on how to clean temporary stuff on your windows PC as well as on your laptop, believe it or not, you are going to save a lot of space. By deleting the unnecessary files, your Windows machine will perform better and give you more space to store your files.

Under the Windows Settings

There are many temporary files in different partitions of the hard drive. To remove such files:

  1. Press Windows logo button + I simultaneously
  2. Select System > Storage
  3. Select the partition you want to clear. Generally, it would be the primary partition where Windows is installedclean1
  4. After selecting “Temporary files” you will see Temporary, Recycle Bin and Previous version of Windows. You have to delete these
  5. Apply the same steps to other partitions

The “%temp%” way

  1. Press Windows logo button + R simultaneously
  2. Type in “%temp%” and press Enterclean2
  3. You will see a window with files of random names. Select all of them delete them. It is safe to delete them as they are temporary Program files.

With the CleanUp Manager

  1. Press Windows logo button + R simultaneously
  2. Type in “cleanmgr” and press Enter
  3. Select the “C:” partition and press OKclean2
  4. Select all the checkboxes and press OK.


These above for methods will make sure that your storage can be conserved and will make your Windows machine work faster. Let us know in the comments below if you’re stuck somewhere.