Fujifilm has created a revolution of sorts with its Instax series of instant cameras. For those born a few decades back, Polaroid is synonymous with instant cameras, Fujifilm is changing that. Instax is the new name being related to Instant cameras in the 21st century. Fujifilm had recently sent us the Instax Mini 70 and the Instax SP-1 share printer for review, both of which use the same Instax Mini Film cartridge. The cartridge has 10 photos and once they have been clicked, its a total waste. Or is it?

Here is an extremely simple way to recycle the Instax Mini cartridge into your own little Instax Mini Frame!

Things You will need:

  1. Instax Mini Empty Cartridge
  2. Your Favourite Instax Picture
  3. Waste Instax or Other Instax Mini pics to swap


Step 1: Notice on the top of the Instax Mini Cartridge there is a black film tape covering a slit (from where the picture is pushed upwards out of the camera). If you just lift this tape a little bit you can see that an Instax Mini picture can be slid in through this slit. Mark this as your bottom side.


Step 2: Now, select 6-7 of your favourite Instax pictures and slide them in one by one from the side selected as the bottom slide in the previous step.


Step 3 : VOILA! There you have a ready frame to showcase your Instax pictures. You can take them out from the same slit and swap them as per your liking.


OPTIONAL. So doing this step is totally upto you. If you have an artistic side and like to get your hands dirty with some arts and crafts work, you can decorate these frames with beads, paint it or even stick some stickers or washi tape to make it look pretty.

I felt a little bad doing this DIY for Instax Photo frame because it is just so simple! But nonetheless, it is something that is quite useful for the thousands of Instax lovers out there !

If you have any other ideas regarding this, kindly leave your reply in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your creative ways and experiences with Instax.