This year Apple released the iPhone 6s and although the looks of the device are fairly similar to the older iPhone 6, the new version comes with a plethora of exclusive of features, one of them being Live photos.

Live photos is not a new concept but a mere rebranding of HTC Zoe that was launched way back in August 2014. Unfortunately, Zoe was a big time failure as there was no medium to share the short 3 second clips and they couldn’t export it as video files.

live photo on any iPhone

However, this is not the case with the Live photos as all the short clips can be shared using integrated Apple services like iMessage etc. or they can be converted into Gifs(Using third party apps) and shared on social media sites like facebook, twitter etc.(How cool is that)

How to get Live Photos on any iPhone

NOTE : – To enable live photos, you iPhone should be jailbroken. 
Follow this link to Jailbreak your iPhone. 

Although Apple states that the new hardware is required to enable Live Photos, it is purely a software function and works flawlessly on any iPhone model running ios 8.1 and above up to ios 9.0.2

Once your device is jailbroken and you have full access to Cydia,
search for a module called EnableLivePhotos
Install the module and wait for Cydia to respring your springboard.
We recommend rebooting your device after installing this device as it may cause the camera app to crash.

After your iPhone reboots, launch the camera app and tap on the live photos icon. Boom, you have your live photos enabled and are good to go.

To view the Live Photos, open the gallery and long tap on the image to play the 3 seconds captured as Live Photo.

Following this simple tutorial, you can get live photos on any iPhone. Although the experience of viewing the live photos with 3D touch is an engineering feat in itself, but this method can give you a close enough feel.
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