Zenfone Zoom has brought in a revolution in the mobile photography world with its thinnest 3x optical camera with 10p Hoya Lens. Zenfone Zoom has a Panasonic SFI sensor, OIS-Shake reduction technology and Fujitsu’s image processing system. This post will tell you about how to root Zenfone Zoom as we all know there are many more functionalities which we could gain after rooting an android device. The easiest method for how to root Zenfone Zoom is given by Shakalaca with his ZenfoneRootKit. We must however emphasize that this how to root Zenfone Zoom article is for educational purposes only and any damage done to your device will not be our responsibility. Also note that rooting can also void your warranty as most manufacturers do not approve of this process.



  1. Install INTEL USB DRIVER and ASUS ADB DRIVER on your PC.
  2. Make sure that the PC can detect Asus Android Bootloader interface and Asus Composite ADB interface.
  3. Turn on USB DEBUGGING in the developer settings of your Zenfone Zoom and connect to PC via USB cable.
  4. Download ZenfoneRootKit from here on your PC and execute “root.bat”
  5. Your device is now rooted, check using Rootchecker app from Playstore.

That concludes, how to root Zenfone Zoom, enjoy your rooted device.