You might have heard about Spotify from your friends abroad or your favorite artists has just released their albums exclusively on Spotify. Well whatever the case might be, but you can’t because it is currently unavailable in India. If you’re still wondering that how to use Spotify in India, then follow the tutorial and reach your music goals without the hassle of rooting your android smart phone.

Thing’s you’ll need.

  1. An Android smart phone
  2. Spotify apk 
  3. Hola VPN app.
  4. Decent internet connection for seamless streaming.


To use Spotify in India you’ll have to create a new Google account. The trick here is that while creating the account set your location to U.S and turn off mobile verification. This will help you to sign up and create a new account for Spotify without the hassle of region.

How to use Spotify in India.

Step 1:- Make sure you have downloaded all the required apps mentioned above and have created the Google account with location set to US

Step 2:- Install the Spotify apk

Step 3:- Launch Hola VPN app

hola vpn interface

Step 4:- Inside Hola VPN you’ll have the option to launch your existing apps from a different country.

spotify using hola VPN

Step 5:- Launch the installed Spotify app from within Hola and set the location to United States

Step 6:- Once Spotify is launched, sign in using the new google account and you are good to go.


This simple tutorial will help you to use Spotify in India, without rooting your device and/or messing up with your warranty.

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