5 Ways to cool down your Laptop

One of the most common problems of laptops is overheating. Laptops are designed with efficiency in mind to make it compact and if you want something that can fit in your lap there are only so many fans you can install. Long gaming sessions or running resource intensive software might tax your CPU to such a level that an Emergency shutdown becomes imperative to save your internal hardware. Overheating can lead to pretty serious issues such as abrupt shutdowns, damaged internal hardware, Frequent BSODs and in some extreme cases rendering the laptop unusable. Overheating is easily solved in desktops as there is plenty of space for air-flow and they usually come with 2-3 fans that ensure that the hardware is never at a risk. Laptops, however, are a different story. The Compact design of laptops restrict the design to have less free space, with a maximum of 1-2 fans for air cooling. To rescue you from overheating woes, we will tell you 5 ways to cool down your laptop.

1. Clean your laptop internally

Our first method in top 5 Ways to cool down your Laptop is this one and might i say, it is not for the faint-hearted. Many people might not be comfortable in opening up the laptop. If you are one of them, you might want to consider taking your laptop to a professional to get a thorough cleanup and skip this part. Now for the people not afraid to get their hands dirty. You will need a screwdriver set (duh!), and a can of compressed air (Blowing might not cut it) or a vacuum cleaner (its entirely up to you). Follow the steps given below:

  1. Shutdown your laptop and remove the battery.
  2. open up all the hatches that are accessible to you, don’t try to force anything to open as laptop parts can easily get damaged if you’re not careful. I don’t need to tell you how expensive they are.
  3. Look around all the components and remove any visible dust over the components or around it. The dust accumulation over comonents restricts the component to shell out heat to air as it is supposed to and it may lead to permanant damage of the component.
  4. If the fan is accessible, take it out and give it a through clean using the compressed air can or vaccum cleaner. If you notice any hinderance in the movement of the fan, you might want to consider changing it and intalling a better and more powerful one. Clean the air vents too.

We have attached a video showing you how you can clean your laptop, so you can follow along with it if you like in our first method of 5 Ways to cool down your Laptop.

2. Manage your processes

Task manager is can help you monitor and kill tasks that you don’t need

If you open up the task manager you might often see up processes running in the background that have no business being there but are taking up a significant chunk of your processing power. As these processes build up the CPU generates a lot of heat because it is working overtime. This results in abrupt shutdowns to avoid any damage to the processor as a safety measure. What you can do is open up your task manager and end all the tasks that you have no use of or you do not require at the moment. You might have noticed your laptop heating up even before logging into your account that may be because of your startup processes, you can disable these in the system configuration utilities. Aditionally you might want to download some software that prevents process clutters and frees your CPU of any extra work. Softwares such as CCleaner might help declutter your processes and cleanup some RAM by killing some irrelevant tasks. This was our 2nd method in 5 Ways to cool down your Laptop.

3. Buy a laptop cooling pad

Cooling pads distribute heat emissions from the base of your laptop to enhance cooling.


If your laptop is still overheating, you might want to consider spending on a laptop cooling pad. This is kept under the laptop and has fan(s) that cool the entire bottom of the laptop. since most of the generated heat goes towards the bottom of the device. The cooler pad disperses this heat using fans powered from a usb that you can connect to your laptop. Cooler pads are very effective in dispersing heat and they don’t cost much. Easiest method to follow in 5 Ways to cool down your Laptop.


4. Try a Different Operating System

Linux provides plethora of options and puppy OS is one of the most lightweight operating systems out there

This method would help you if none of the others work. Windows is a resource intensive operating system. Especially if you are running a recent version of it. All the aero effects and the background slideshows take up a hell of a lot of RAM and processing power that overworks your CPU. So what you can do is try out a free distro of linux that is lightweight and not as resource hungry as Windows. Almost all linux distros are comparatively lightweight than Windows but if you want to take the truly minimal route try puppy linux, at a download size of 200 MB or less it is one of the best lightweight operating system out there. You can even put this distro on a USB drive, plug it and boot straight from the drive. This will definitely put new life into your old laptop. Quite an interesting 5 Ways to cool down your Laptop tip!

5. Watch how you handle it

Lets be honest, many of us aren’t as careful of how and where we use our laptops. This careless usage might lead to overheating. Using laptops over blankets blocks the cooling vents that result in accumulation of heat inside the laptop, which leads to overheating. Putting your laptops in closed confined places without proper ventilation when it is not shutdown, or in sleep mode at least are also reasons to the same. Laptops must be used in such a way that they can maintain proper flow of air through the vents provided. So next time you are using your laptop on the blanket, allow your laptop to breathe.

So there you have it 5 ways to cool down your laptop, Does your laptop overheat frequently? Do you have any better way to rescue your laptop from overheating? Don’t keep it to yourself, share it down in the comments below.