We’ve all been there. Tweaking around the phone to get a bit more volume than it allows. Tinkering sometimes over a limit to snatch that extra amplification from the tiny speakers in your phone to make weekend getaways more enjoyable. However, going over a limit of volume might ruin your phone speakers and extended playback at a higher volume than the company suggests might result in a distorted and damaged sound after a while. We’ve all done it through VLC Media Player in our laptops, Let’s spare our Phones. We’re going to show you today how you can connect smartphones to create surround sound speaker system.

So what can you do? How can you connect smartphones with a near perfect sync to avoid straining your nimble phone speakers and enjoy songs at a louder sound at the same time? Simple, There’s an app for it.

Samsung released an app called group play that allowed Samsung smartphones to connect together via a common wifi and stream music to all devices (Samsung only) simultaneously. The more, the merrier. However, most of us don’t have a Samsung smartphone and don’t plan to buy one in the near future. Don’t fret! There’s an app called AmpMe, available for both android as well as iOS.

Using AmpMe to connect smartphones to create a surround sound speaker system
AmpMe app can be used to stream music across devices seamlessly.

Using this app, you can connect smartphones and create a surround speaker system no platform barred. Well almost. The app has the option to join or host a party and once all the devices get connected to the host you can select a song from your music library or from SoundCloud and play it to all the connected devices. The app, however, reqires a working internet connection to stream music to your friends over the internet. So the sync basically depends on the speed of the internet connection you have. The app makes use of a server-centric proprietary audio fingerprinting technology to achieve sync. The app makes use of a sweet spot referring to the volume since some phone’s speakers get distorted as their volume crosses a certain threshold. The sweet spot refers to the perfect volume that prevents distortion of sound and a good maintenance of sync frequency to sync by sending ‘audio-fingerprints’ between each other.

How to connect Smartphones to create surround sound using AmpMe

  • Install the app from the play store or from the app store in the smartphones you want to connect as speakers and as the host.
  • Connect all the smartphones to a working internet connection. This can be either Wi-Fi or a mobile data pack.
  • Start the AmpMe app and select host party in the smartphone you want to stream with. Only the host will be able to select the music that must be played, all the other smartphones will act only as speakers connected to the host.
  • Once the Host hits ‘Play’ friends join by entering a unique four digit party code. Syncing starts automatically and, in seconds, you will create your own surround sound system using only smartphones. You can also send an invite to join the party via social applications like WhatsApp and more.

So that’s it! Pretty Simple, right? Well, its pretty fun to go out and have fun using this app with your friends especially during picnics or weekend get-aways. However if all your friends don’t have an active internet pack, you can try out some alternatives like Soundseeder that allows you to stream music across connected devices using wifi direct or a hotspot. This can connect smartphones to create surround sound system without using internet.

The only problem with these apps is if a device gets out-of-sync for even a second the whole setup becomes a moot point. But the apps are slowly progressing with a few bug fixes and upgrades all these discrepancies can become a thing of the past.

So go ahead use this app to connect smartphones to create surround sound speaker system and enjoy music without buying any expensive bluetooth speakers. Do you know some other alternative to this app? Leave us all your suggestions and thoughts in the comments below.