How many time you have wondered what was the name of the song that is stuck in your mind. You continue humming the song in your mind and might not remember the name or you just heard a cool song and what to know what is it. Well, there are multiple apps available to help to Identify a song using voice recognition. Here are 5 best song Identifier apps just to do so.



Midomi or SoundHound (known as Midomi until December 2009) is a website / App  that allows identifying music by humming, singing or playing a recorded track. They have now rebranded themselves as SoundHound and you can visit their website to get started.

You can get started by clicking sing or hum on their website, and the search results will show excellent matches along with links to the videos and online retailers to purchase the song if you want to. It works across multiple languages and you can even do a text search for a song if you know some part of the lyrics. It is one of the best song Identifying apps out there.

Visit Midomi’ website



Song IdentifierShazam is one of the coolest and best looking music identifying apps out there. If not only helps you to Identify a song but you can also use it to tag songs that you listen to keep a collection. They have an app available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, The Web etc and you carry it along with you anywhere. In Shazam you can hold the phone near where the song is being played and if will identify the name of the song.

You can even use it to tag the songs and it will keep track of every song that you have identified using the app.

Visit Shazam Website


Musipedia is a melody search engine rather than a song search engine. As their website explains. Musipedia gives the best search feature to find a song if you can’t place it by name. You can use the tools available on their websites like the Flash or Java based piano; You can even draw notes with your mouse, whistle a tune into the mic or  search by tapping the rhythm with the keyboard. Thier are multiple ways to search using Musipedia

So this was our list of the best Song/ Tune Identifying apps that we could find. We would keep adding more to the list as we find them. If you have any suggestion or what you prefer to Identify songs online, do let us know in the comment down bellow.