Dual sim phones are ruling the roost now, with majority of companies offering various variants of the same. Whatsapp is the most commonly used messaging app today, with over a billion users. But Whatsapp allows only one version of the application to run on a device, causing trouble to those who wish to use the app on both numbers on their dual sim phone. Life would be easier if one could install 2 whatsapp on dual SIM phone!

So today, we shall guide you as to how to install 2 Whatsapp on dual sim phone, and no, it doesn’t involve rooting!

Be mindful, one version will be the official version of Whatsapp, and the other will be a mod version of it.
Download the link from the URL given here. The URL has been tested and verified, so don’t worry about any bugs.


Follow the steps to install 2 Whatsapp on dual SIM phone:

Note: When you download the apk, make sure your phone has “install from unknown sources” allowed.
1. To turn it on, go to Settings>(Personal)Security> Unknown sources. the Unknown sources option will be turned off manually. Turn it on to ensure that the application gets installed. Once the app installs, deselect this option to prevent malicious apps from getting installed in your phone.

2. Once the apk has been installed, the app will prompt you to enter your mobile number.
The number you have to enter is the second number is the one which is not registered for the original application.

3. A new icon for this Whatsapp will be created, which will be slightly different from the original version.This modified version has a few new features over the original version of the app.

VOILA ! Thus completes our how to install 2 whatsapp on dual SIM phone tutorial for you guys ! You now have two versions of Whatsapp running on your dual SIM phone, one with each of the numbers, and that too without a glitch!