If you are not getting good Speeds in Jio or any other 4G LTE network despite of getting full signals then, follow this guide to know how to lock LTE network to band 3, 5 or 40 etc for best speed or coverage. This will also help Jio 4G customers  to lock LTE band to frequency like 2300Mhz or 1800Mhz or 850Mhz which later allows to get highest speed or great coverage in specific location and increase Jio Speed.

LTE network works on different frequency bands i.e 700Mhz (band 17), 800Mhz (band 20), 850Mhz (band 5), 1800Mhz (band 3), 2300Mhz (band 40) or even 2600Mhz (band 7 or 38). It depends on service provider only. In case of  India, 3 service providers are providing 4G LTE service: Airtel, Vodafone & Jio. Airtel supports LTE band 40, Vodafone supports band 3 & Jio supports LTE band 3, 5 & 40. Telenor current offering 4g on 1800MHz frequency (Narrow band) & BSNL will work service on 2600Mhz frequency. Reliance 4G will work on all Jio bands.

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Airtel & Vodafone offer single band LTE network that’s why if handset supports band 3 or 40, 4G phone will latch on selected band & work without any issue regardless LTE network speed & coverage. But you might have notice slow speed or bad coverage once you start using Jio LTE network – This is not a problem from Jio side –  Jio started LTE network in all three bands so that users get better coverage & higher speed.

Jio now only 4g operator in India serving best LTE coverage and superior as well as highest 4G speed.

Why are you getting slow speed or bad coverage in Jio LTE network ?

Before answering question be sure to have knowledge in following LET band details:

### Better speed: 2300Mhz > 1800Mhz > 850Mhz

### Better coverage: 850Mhz > 1800Mhz > 2300 Mhz

Jio offers 50mbps (+/-) in band 40, 18mbps (+/-) in band 3 & 8(+/-) in band 5. Remember speed given above is available before ‘Jio commercial launch’.

Basic tendency of LTE supported handset is to always select the band that provides the best coverage in specific location so that your connection always remain active regardless band’s speed – That’s why users may have slow sped or bad coverage in multi-banded Jio 4g network.

Jio provides a small app called NetVelocity Enterprise to check LTE band currently selected by 4G handset. You may find in jio-app-store, .

We will show you how to select specific LTE band available in 4G handset so that you get better speed or coverage very easily. After locking 4g network to band 3, 5 or 40, you can get access to all available service according to your need.

How to lock LTE network to band 3, 5 or 40

There are three solutions for everyone using Jio 4G network. Fixes are very easy to access & use. First of all decide your need: Coverage or Speed

For best coverage leave handset as it is & for speed just follow tutorial given below:

Before started working on following solutions make sure to select LTE only mode by dialing *#*#4636#*#* > then ‘Phone info’ > the ‘Set preferred network type’: LTE Only.

Solution 1 for Qualcomm Chipset: Most of Android phone mainly Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset allows access to hidden configuration option which is known as ‘Service Menu’ – This option helps to select specific LTE band in work & rest of the available bands remain inactive.

You can download small app : Shortcut Master (Lite) :

  • Open app
  • Go to Menu > then select ‘Search’
  • Type: Service Menu or Engineering mode & search
  • Select ‘System app’ for more specific
  • If found then open & access to change LTE bands

In case: Code is *#2263#

  • Dial code
  • Select ‘Band selection’ >Then ‘LTE’
  • Then activate single LTE band you need

In case Code is: *#0011#

  • Dial code
  • Select Menu & click ‘Back’ link
  • Again select Menu > then ‘Key input’ then enter: Q & OK
  • Again enter: 0000 & OK
  • Wait few seconds for Service Menu pop up
  • Select ‘UE settings and Info’ > Setting > Protocol > NAS >Network control > Band Selection > LTE Bands (*) > Only select band you need.

This solution is currently available for selected LTE phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony & LG.

Solution 2 for MediaTek Chipset: Be sure to buy MediaTek chipset supported 4G smartphone because a small app available in Playstore allows user to lock device to specific LTE RF band no matter what your phone company is.

Download a small app named: MTK Engineering Mode on your MediaTek 4G mobile

  • Run app
  • Select ‘MTK Settings’
  • Now select ‘BandMode’
  • Select Sim slot which you want the device to serve 4G band
  • Now scroll down to ‘LTE mode’
  • Tick band 40 for best speed or tick band 5 for best coverage
  • Save settings & reboot mobile to activate changes.

Now enjoy better speed or better coverage using your MeditTek powered 4g mobile.

Solution 3: If solution 1 or 2 become nightmare then simply use this last solution to have only best speed. Solution 3 makes no changes in settings -During the use of LYF phones for couple of weeks we found that handset automatically select Band 40 when downloading is on & band 40 coverage is available.

Final solution will work better for fixed location & better for Mobile Hotspot purpose:

  • Open app store & search ‘Asphalt 8’ game
  • Start downloading it via cellular data  – Obviously Jio 4g
  • Now move & find location where you get highest speed
  • You may cancel download & place your phone on that location & turn on Mobile Hotspot
  • Connect WiFi & access ultimate Jio 4G speed from anywhere in your Home.

Hope this fixes all your Jio Connectivity Issues and you are able to get better speeds by selecting the right band on your Jio Device. If you have any other query regarding  Hwo to Lock LTE Network to band 3, 5 or 40 to increase Jio Speed then do let us know in the comments down bellow.

  • Umesh Patil

    Please provide solution to lock band 40 on Moto G3 Turbo. Engineering Mode as well as Service Menu is not available.

  • Sudani Pradip

    plz provide solution sonyz3 d6616 not work jio sem

    • Avik ghosh

      cause your phone doesn’t support Indian 4G band

  • sunnyjassrotia

    How to lock band 5 on letv 1s eco

    • Avik ghosh

      le eco 1s doesn’t support BAND 5 or 850 MHz in 4G band

  • Dipak Patel

    use this app to lock your network to 3G/4G/LTE only. works great for me.


  • Lokesh Lokeshwar

    I’m using sony Xperia c4 dual handset… I have observed using net velocity app that my handset is selecting the 2300Mhz frequency of jio LTE… But still I’m getting poor speed about 0.5 mbps ….please help me to fix this issue…

  • Prashant Vikram Singh

    Any solution for jiofi 3 device?