The Internet is full with applications that can be used to make a video of the whole of your desktop screen and save it as a file to upload on YouTube, and they are as simple as record, save and upload. Pretty simple. Did you know that you can record computer screen using YouTube, i.e., directly record a screencast using YouTube and publish it without the utilization of any external software whatsoever? Let us take a quick view of how to do that.

How to record a Screencast using YouTube

1. First, you need to login to your YouTube account and click on the upload tab near the right-hand corner of the screen beside the notification and profile button. If this is your first video, you will be prompted to select a name that will be visible to the viewers. Choose a name and you will be directed to the creator studio.

2. In the creator studio, under the Live streaming tab, select Events. For people who haven’t used this feature yet, click on enable live streaming. It will direct you to the account verification page where you will have to verify your account using your phone number if you haven’t yet.

3. Click on create a new Live event. Info and Setting page will open if you don’t want this to be a streamed live, select the video to be private. Enter all the essential details and keep most of the setting as default. Click Go Live Now.

How to Record computer screen using youtube: Step 3
Click on the Go-Live Now Button after filling all the necessary details

4. The Youtube Live Streaming uses the Hangout On Air page. You can Click on the Camera button to stop using the webcam. Also, you can click on the microphone button if you don’t want to record any sound.

5. In the left-hand side of the screen Click on the screen share button. Now select the window you wish to share. Now click on Show to everyone that would be visible in the Hangouts window (This would be a private session if you selected to keep the video private in basic info). Alternatively, you can start the broadcast and then select screen share.

Record Computer Screen Using Youtube Hangout Screenshare
Start Recording Your Desktop Screen by selecting Screen Share and Clicking on Start Broadcast

6. Once you feel satisfied with the recorded video, stop the broadcast and click on leave call in the upper part of the window. You will find your video in the events and videos section.

And that’s it. It’s as simple as that. You have successfully saved a screencast to your Youtube account without the use of any external software. You can edit and make the video public whenever you wish. Do remember to adjust your screen to 16:9 ratio for 720p since that is the resolution you will be recording in.

So that is how you can record computer screen using YouTube. Comment any questions or problems you faced while following this below, and we will try our best to resolve them

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    Cool, I never thought that YouTube could have such useful function. I will try it later. Aside from using YouTube, Acethinker Screen Recorder is another good choice to do screen recording, it’s my first choice, it’s free and even allows for editing.