According to Reliance website all customers who already had Jio sims will be shifted to Welcome plan from 5th September 2016 from current Jio preview offer. It is still not clear what would happen to Jio Mifi data card customer and Jio LYF Smartphone owners. It really sucks that if you already had Preview offer on your Jio Sim which you got earlier than 5th September and You still would be shifted to the New Welcome Offer with Reduced speeds after 4GB of Data.


The Biggest drawback of this welcome offer is introduction of data limit of 4GB per day (then 128kbps) in comparison with previous preview offer of unlimited data.  They Even  reduced the sms quota, which has been reduced from unlimited to 100sms per day though calls are unlimited as before. Though a little less attractive than previous unlimited but still 120GB Data and 3000sms is enough for a sane user who was previously enjoying Jio on the Preview offer.

Just follow our Tutorial on How to Remove Jio 4GB Limit and get unlimited data back. This tutorial will allow you to Move your Jio Sim back to Preview offer from the New Welcome Offer. Follow the Steps Bellow to Get your Speed back

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Remove Jio 4GB Limit and move back to Preview Offer

  • Uninstall All Jio Apps from you Phone and Restart your Device.

This is necessary so that you can clear all the Apps on your Device to install the new Jio App APK that we recommend.

  • Install the Jio Join APK on your phone from the Link Bellow. 

Download and install this OLD Jio Join APK to your phone in order to allow you to move back to Preview Offer.

Download Jio Join APK
  • Turn off you mobile Data and Open Jio Join

Turn off your Mobile data and Open Jio Join from there make sure no Jio Apps and installed on your phone except Jio Join and uninstall any other Jio apps before proceeding.

Next Open My Jio And wait for it to say No Internet Connection.

  • Turn on You Mobile Data and Quickly Press Skip on My Jio App.

This Step is important as, if you are slow to press the Skip button in order to Log in it will show you that a Update is available for the App and you would have to try again and again until you are able to log into your Jio Account.

If you are unable to do this the first time then close all apps and clear your memory and keep repeating the process and once you get successful your should easily remove the 4GB Data Limit and move back to Jio Preview offer on your smartphone.