So you bought an Android TV or a smart TV (DLNA enabled) because it was the latest technology in the market and you can’t wait to test out all the new features your TV has to offer. The best part about your TV isn’t the ability to run apps or surf the internet. You can easily stream videos from computer to Android TV. No more tangles of HDMI cables or hassles of connecting pen drives and hard drives. You can just stream a video or a playlist onto the TV by simply following a few very simple steps. So follow along to stream videos from computer to Android TV.

Software Required: Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player features streaming content directly to your DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) enabled devices which almost all android TVs are. I’m sure many of you might be too familiar with other third party applications like VLC Media Player. However, VLC does not support DLNA as of yet. Windows Media Player is the easiest way to go about this.

Steps to Stream Videos from computer to Android TV:

  1. Connect your Android or smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network connection as your computer.
  2. Go to the network and sharing Centre and click on the advanced sharing settings. Make sure the file and printer sharing is turned on (Make sure to turn it on for only private networks).

    Stream Videos from computer to Android TV: File and Printer Sharing
    Enable File and Printer Sharing in the Advanced Sharing Menu
  3. Open Windows Media Player and add the videos you want to stream to the playlist (There are more ways to do this, you can select video(s) and select the open with option in the right click menu and select Windows Media Player). Select the Play To option above the playlist. You will find your DLNA device (Android or smart TV) listed under there.

    Stream videos from computer to android tv using windows media player
    Select the Play To option above the playlist.
  4. Select the device you want to stream to. If the device does not show up try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi, it usually helps. A media control dialog box will open up. You can control the volume of your TV and playback using this dialog box.

    Stream video from computer to android tv: Media Stream Dialog Box
    The Dialog Box can be used to Adjust volume, Seek, and other Playback options

That is it. Pretty Simple, right? If you know of any other software better suited for DLNA sharing or android streaming, leave it down in the comments.

So that is how to stream videos from computer to Android TV, if you run into some problems it might be the result of some sharing setting not set right. Leave us a comment down below and I’ll do my best to help you out. So there it is, have fun watching all your favourite shows on your TV without the hassle of wires.