Apple introduced a pretty good feature of capturing Live Photos on iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus, the photos which are also partly videos that can be seen by Force touching the image. Phew. That was for the people living under the rock. This feature has become popular, and other companies are also trying to include it in their line-up. Clicking pictures on iPhone is an experience even professional photographers have admired.

Though the iPhone provides a lot of features, people limit it to just clicking photos and shooting videos. The following DIY guide will tell you how to take some great Live photos on iPhone. To enable Live photos on iPhone, tap the icon having concentric circles as shown below. Note that taking this requires sufficient internal storage.

1. Subject moves but you stay still

Live Photos on iPhone
Img Source: Phonearena

When taking Live photos on iPhone, remember to stay still while taking the picture. Keeping the phone still will produce an excellent shot making the subject more lively. Focusing the subject before taking the picture will help to identify the subject’s movements. Using the volume up button to take the photos is one of the many best practices to avoid shaky images.

2. No speaking

The Golden rule to remember is to avoid speaking. There might be a scenic picture, and you don’t want anyone to speaking while you’re taking the image. There are other situations like concerts, plays and performances which need sound for the live moment. All this depends on you and your imagination!

3. In touch with Nature

Try taking close-up macro shots. iPhone is better known for its clarity and focus. Macro shots are perfect for Live photos too. The movement in the background will make the picture look fantastic and unique. Use the grid which is built-in along with the exposure adjustment for a good shot. One can also click an HDR shot of a subject of nature while simultaneously taking a Live photo, which is a pretty cool feature.

Live Photos on iPhone
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4. Taking a Live Pano

Live photos on iPhone

Panoramas allow us to capture a wider area of the scenery capturing everything in its view. Clicking a panoramic photo also requires a steady panning of the phone with hands. If you’re not up for panoramas or the situation os simply not for a panoramic view, you can take a Live photo panning the entire scene. Remember that Live photos record 1.5 seconds before and after clicking the picture, giving a full 3-second window.

5. Substitute the burst mode

To fully understand the scene, we try and click a lot of photos using the Burst mode provided in the Camera app. Then later we browse through the series of pictures and try to choose the best. This ends up spending time on trivial things and replaces with Live images. Such that the view can be entirely taken and the picture is also intact with the moments.

Apps like Lively, LiveStudio and Live Gif can make a video or GIF out of a Live photo considering that you want to make it a video or a GIF. These apps are helpful for sharing GIFs on social media platforms which do not support Live photos. Social media apps such as Facebook and Tumblr that allow users to upload Live photos.