Canara HSBC life has launched a new kind of Life Insurance program which has not been seen before from any other banks yet. Its a new program which benefits the end user in terms of Life Insurance coverage as well giving them an opportunity to invest their money. The plan can be applied for by visiting their website and filling up a simple application form to get you started.

There are customized plan available for everyone so you don’t have to choose from what the bank offers and rather can design a plan according to what you see fit. InvestShield also includes a Zero Premium Allocation charges, choice of Investment Funds and Tax benefits to help you further. They also allow you to leave the plan if you want with their Partial Withdrawal and Saftey switch options that are available at their website.

The Application process is simple and you can get started by visiting their website. You first have to fill a form then decide on your premium and your options. Once you have decided just complete the proposal and make an online payment. Once the payment is successful you have to submit the necessary documents to their website so that they can get your plan started in no time.

The major advantage of such a plan as Investshield is that while providing you the option to invest your money to get benefits from it, they are also providing Life Insurance with that. You get added advantages with the plan and with the easy to use online application process any one can get the plan easily without the hassles of going to a bank and taking appointments.