India is a country full of experts we could call ‘Tech Geniuses’. May it be Sundar Pichai (Google) or Satya Nadella (Microsoft), this country is heading towards the next Silicon Valley Revolution. Then there is the ISP scenario of India. The country is still struck at 512 KB/Sec Internet connections with FUP ( Fair Usage Policies). The Internet providers in India not only charge a lot of money for the data speeds and bandwidth but their Fair Usage Policies gives the end user 5 GB to 15 GB of Data per month. We were trying to find a secondary internet connection for us, the first being BSNL broadband with  15 GB FUP. After a lot of research we found Reliance Broadband was the only one with lower prices and no FUP. Seemed too good to be true but we took the bait.

We opted to get the Reliance Thunder 1099 plan which would give us 4 MBPS of Bandwidth with no FUP and 1099 INR a month. So we got the connection from a Reliance Sales agent on 25th of June 2015. We specifically asked him to start the connection from 1 July 2015. Reliance charged us 750 INR extra for installation which I’ll talk about later, everything went great initially, then the downfall happened! On 28th of June, the connection was ready and began working. What they had charged as ‘installation charge’ was just an RJ45 Ethernet cable from their HUB to our house (Roughly 50 Meters).

The connection worked out well for 2 weeks or so, then their servers started going down or offline which made the Internet stop for 2 days, this continued every week. We tried calling and writing emails to their Customer Care, but they ignored everything. Then on 28 July we got a Bill from Reliance for 1500 INR, we thought this was the bill for next month and asked the Customer care the same, their response was that this is the old money that needs to be adjusted, kindly ignore if you have already paid. On 10th of next month, we got Another Bill for the same amount which customer care explained that this was for next month. We asked them to move us to a 3-month billing cycle for next 3 month with the  Reliance Thunder 699. 

We paid 1653 towards that and thought that everything was settled for next 3 months. Then at the end of August we got another Bill from reliance claiming that  it was for Aug 2015 when we Called the Customer care this time, they told us that their supervisor will be handling our bill problem and will be settled. They then told that Rs 1653 we paid was settled for old Rs 1500 bill and we were on a monthly cycle and have to pay them this months bill to ensure that the connection work.

Writing multiple emails and Calling Customer Care many times, Reliance Broadband Decided to cut our connection by their own choice and you should also note that we had paid for the month of October too. In the previous months, the connection was down most of the times and there was no service at all.

What have we learned from this

Reliance Broadband India is not only the worst Internet service provider in Indian but also they somehow doing money laundering from their Customers. We would recommend our readers to Stay away from Reliance Broadband at all cost. For Reliance Broadband India (Gujarat) you guys suck.


Reliance Broadband Review

  • Connection will be down for most of the Time
  • Billing Schemes to Get money from you
  • Worst Customer Care in  India

At the end I would like to say only one thing from Reliance broadband, The Blue Screen of Death on a Windows PC might still be a better experience than getting Reliance Broadband.

Customer Service
Billing Transparency
Pricing Honesty
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  • Sahaj Jain

    Have been using Reliance Broadband in Lucknow for 2 years with the 3month 699 plan. Never had any bill issue and remember that the price is exclusive of taxes. With tax it will obviously be more. I have downloaded over 8TB of data in the past 2 years alone through torrents, surfing and download through chrome isn’t included in it. The servers do go down but not more than twice a month which very acceptable as compared to my previous connect BSNL which was consistently down for 15 Days every month. Just sharing my experience. My point is that we can’t really make definitive statements from just one person’s experience. I have squeezed every penny out of Reliance. Not to mention 30 latency on North Indian serves.

    • Aayush Panwar

      Good for you, in our case Reliance did not behave properly and even after paying for 3 months for 2 MBPS plan they disconnected in the middle of second and asked for more payment. Till this date with no Connection for 2 and a Half Month Reliance is still asking for 3000 INR bill while we dont even a connection line. I mean seriously what kind of service is this.