So finally we have another episode of the much-awaited show The Flash. With a bang-up opening of season 2 tying up the loose ends after the singularity above Central City, the show goes on to introduce the multiverse theory. Here is our take on The Flash season 2 Episode 2: Flash Of two Worlds.

Jay Garrick is The Flash that comes on from a parallel universe (introducing Earth 2). Barry acts suspicious due to obvious reasons, but it seems a bit out of character. As is the habit of the show, the story leaves behind a lot of loose ends eventually tying some up and completely forgetting about others. I expected to see something related to Grodd in the season since he played a huge role in the later episodes of season 1. But other than a silent mention of the Mind-controlling super-villain Gorilla, it has been completely left out of the picture. The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 introduces some really juicy story though and sees Zoom sending Sand Demon from the other dimension to kill off the flash. We can expect Barry’s main villain in this season would be Zoom with, Jay Garrick or the crimson comet taking on the role played by Dr. Harrison Wells as his mentor. The suit has changed, and it’s nice to see the traditional yellow on the white symbol on the chest representing the flash.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 2

The end scenes gave up another piece of exciting suspense that is guaranteed to keep the fans waiting eagerly for the next episode. The Scene shows Harrison wells being regarded as the Saviour of Central City in S.T.A.R. Labs in the parallel universe. How this has come to be and what it means to the story only time will tell. However judging by season 1 I would not expect an answer to this question anytime soon. The rivalry between Zoom and The flash would be pretty exciting to see. Catch the episode to know more

What did you think about The Flash Season 2 Episode 2? Any fan theories you want to share with us? Leave it in the comments below.