Are you looking to buy a new smartphone? Or perhaps a new Laptop for work. Maybe a portable speaker for your vacation or even just a pair of earphones to get you through the daily traveling. AspectWise is here to make your life easier.

AspectWise is an IIT Alumni startup who have recently launched their website that helps people in figuring out which electronic device (Mobile / Tablet / Headphone etc.) to buy based on their needs and preferences and on consumer reviews. AspectWise uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to generate a summarized view of the hundreds of user reviews for any product, so that you can make a well-informed purchasing decision within a matter of seconds, and avoid regretting later. They show genuine user opinions and derived ratings about each aspect of a gadget, and also how it compares to the user opinions on other products in a similar price range. You can now very easily use the wisdom of crowds to make the right choice for yourself.

It is a very tedious process to filter through tons of gadgets in the market to our specific requirements and then also, it is further annoying having to check their review on various different websites. Life would be so much simpler if there was a website which would take input of our requirements, run them through millions of reviews on trusted sites and then give us a simple output in the form of a top 10 list on the basis of these reviews. This is exactly what AspectWise is helping the buyer do through their website.

AspectWise also displays genuine user opinions and related ratings about each and every aspect of adevice, and how that compares to similar products. We found this website to be extremely useful and quite easy to ease. The results were accurate and we were happy with the devices we were shown w.r.t. our inputs.

Let us give you a brief on how to go around this website. Simply go to and you are greeted with an easy-to-use website.

aspect wise 1

You can see below, options to choose a device between mobile, headphone, speaker, laptop and tablet. We chose a mobile phone and put in our requirements like “Heavy user”, “Camera Lover”, and “Gamer” and the price range between Rs 9200 and Rs 25,000:

aspect wise 2

When you press the “Find the best mobiles for me!” tab, you are taken to a new page which displays the top 10 mobile phones according to the specs you have chosen. For my query, Best Mobile Phones for Heavy Users and Camera Lovers came out like this:

aspect wise 3

According to my preference, I chose the #3 device on that list, the Honor 4X device. You can see there are 10 results in the screen above and they also display the most liked (in reviews) features of these devices by a multitude of people. This page also tells you the features, pros and cons and customer feedbacks and ratings of those particular devices. So, as I stated before, I chose the Honor 4X and AspectWise takes me to a new page with much more detailed analysis on the phone.

aspect wise 4

You can see above that AspectWise straightaway gives a comparison between the prices of the top 3 e-commerce platforms in India without having to check the price of the device individually on these.

Scrolling down further will show you the reviews of the device from numerous people from these 3 websites. This helps one in getting an unbiased judgement of the device from different platforms.

Thus AspectWise can really ease the process of finding the right phone for you with its simple yet useful algorithm. You no more have to spend your precious time going through different websites.

The process to find a suitable pair of headphones, a speaker, a laptop or a tablet is quite same too. This time I chose “Laptop” and put in my preferences:

aspect wise 5

I am then flashed with the top 10 results pertaining to my search criteria of which #1 is Macbook Air. I click on this result to check out a further detailed analysis of the Macbook Air taken from various websites. The price is comparison is again helpful in saving precious money.

aspect wise 6

Post this you can just click on the orange Amazon or Flipkart buttons and AspectWise will redirect you to the product on Amazon/flipkart’s link in a new tab.

You can follow the same process for a set of headphones or a speaker too. In a nutshell, AspectWise is the perfect tool to save you some money and time and both of these are scarce in today’s world. AspectWise proves its utility and capability irrespective of the gadget that you are trying to search for. All in all I was quite impressed with this new website and would surely be using it in future before buying a gadget online! You can check out the website yourself and surely, save some time and money.