Xiaomi, the leading Chinese cellphone makers, just got all their users excited. In an announcement that has all the world buzzing, it announced Xiaomi Max, which will be released on May 10th in a company event. More importantly, the new phone will be shipped with MIUI8, the latest MIUI version.

The MIUI, with over 150 million users, is one of the most popular UI, probably after Android. It was released in 2010, and has taken the world by storm since then.

The company also announced the release of Xiaomi Mi Max phablet and Mi band 2. The Mi Band 2 is rumored to come with an LCD screen and a physical button.

The new update, is likely to be based on the Android N, although no confirmed news have been released by Xiaomi.

The new features for the MIUI8 include a massive change in the notification panel, with more toggle options, colourful interface and a brilliant option to resize when the phone is in use.

Rumours suggest that the new UI might also feature a new music app.

The MIUI8, though will not be available for the budget Xiaomi devices, which will continue running the MIUI7. The last major update had been the  MIUI5. Since then, the two updates have disappointed, with no major additions made in them. The 7.2 version included the Move feature which makes it simple to share files and other documents.

Mi5 will be the first phone to get the OTA update,followed by Redmi Note3, Mi4i, Mi4C, Redmi 3/Pro and other mid and high range devices.

The update will likely be in batches, so it might take up to a fortnight for all the devices to get the update.

So check if your Xiaomi device is getting updated or not, or go and but the Xiaomi Max for the latest MIUI!