E3 2016 is almost upon us and it is time to pack your bags and head out to the Los Angeles convention centre. But for those of us who would not be able to make that trip, E3 2016 will be live streamed on YouTube. Every year E3 2016 is the event to watch out for major news regarding latest game releases from Big Companies like EA, Bethesda, UBISOFT, and Nintendo. However, the real eye-catcher of the show is the battle between the console giants. Sony and Microsoft share the stage to announce new additions to their consoles, juicy exclusives and a lot of gameplay trailers to woo the crowd in their favour. It all comes down to who stole the show PlayStation or Xbox. We have waited enough and replayed all the teasers countless times. It is time to finally see how and what games await us at the end of the show. Here we have the E3 2016 Preview.

EA press Conference

Time: June 12 1:00pm PDT / June 13 1:30am IST

The first to take the stage would be the Company that could very well steal the show. The game it brings us has already become the most watched and liked game trailer on YouTube, crushing its bitter rival. Battlefield 1 would finally see an official gameplay trailer, one we have been desperately scouring the web for. The game reveal made ripples around the internet and crushed the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, which became the most disliked game trailer ever. The game is set in World War 1 and the trailer had graphics that were simply too realistic to believe.

EA would also showcase Mass effect Andromeda, the release of the game was delayed as posted by the developer BioWare to Early 2017. The game would leave behind the Milky Way galaxy and we would get a chance to explore our sister galaxy, Andromeda. The developers have said that they are trying for freedom to move about which could make the experience tailored to your preference. The game’s main protagonist would be named rider according to rumours.

FIFA 17 will also come to the EA press conference as the company released a video titled “Football has changed”. The game would feature the frostbite engine which will improve graphics drastically. That is most of all we know there might be some surprise release, so catch this press conference.

EA has confirmed that Titanfall 2 would be in the e3 2016, the trailer turned quite a few heads when it was released on YouTube earlier this year. Since Titanfall was a Microsoft exclusive, which EA admitted was wrong, it has now been confirmed for PC, Xbox One and PS4. This is one game I would love to see the gameplay trailer of.

Bethesda Press Conference

Time: 12 June 7:00pm PDT / 13 June 7:30am IST

Bethesda stole the show last year in their first ever E3 press conference with the announcement of the much-awaited Fallout 4 which was a huge success, Bethesda also stole the show by teasing DOOM that we have all grown up spending hours on.

Dishonoured 2 was also showcased at last year’s press conference. The games did not get a clear release date beyond 2016 and that may change in the press conference. We may also get gameplay videos of Dishonoured 2.

There are also rumours floating around on the web that we may see a re-master of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, which might be really interesting to see. We may also get a peek at Battlecry which is one of the free-to-play games being developed by Bethesda. Mark the spot on the calendar because from past experience Bethesda’s Press conference are worth attending or streaming.

Microsoft Press conference

Time: 13 June 9:30 am PDT / 13 June 10:00 pm IST

The internet is already rampant with rumours that Microsoft may launch another console called Xbox two. Nothing is confirmed however so we will just have to wait and watch. We might also have a slimmer version of the Xbox One as some rumours say or a new controller. The company might showcase some Xbox or PC exclusives which are not revealed as of yet. Microsoft has a plethora of games under its belt to show off on its console as they did the previous year. We might see FIFA gameplay on the Xbox One console. Although a definitive list of the games that Microsoft might show us has not been revealed it will be quite interesting to watch which titles microsoft pits against Sony in E3 2016.

UBISOFT Press Conference

Time: 13 June 1:00 pm PDT/ 14 June 1:30 am IST

UBISOFT has prepared a pretty busy press conference and is gearing up to wow its fans. Watchdogs 2 just surfaced up on the internet which pretty much would be the headline of its show. The game features a new protagonist by the name of Marcus Holloway, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will be joining Dedsec, an international hacker group that fights against the injustice of the modern world, and shut down ctOS 2.0. Videos have surfaced up showing the gameplay of parkour and combat, we all know UBISOFT does a really good job with free running (Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia).

The upcoming game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands would also be part of the UBISOFT’s event. The game is an open world tactical shooter game that puts you as a part of the Ghosts a coveted US elite special ops team to take down the Mexican drug cartel. The reveal trailers feature pre-alpha footage. Check it out here.

Sony Press Conference

Time: 13th June 6:00 pm PDT/ 14th June 6:30 am IST

This is the one to watch. The Internet is ripe with all the rumours surrounding a new console, nicknamed the PlayStation 4.5. There are some confirmations from Sony however it did not fail to mention that it will not be showing the PS4K at the E3 2016. A slimmer version of the PS4 is also expected to be launched, along with a new controller.

Sony might also go all out in announcing PS exclusives. Sony announced the last guardian last year and showed us a glimpse of what it may look like. Although intrigued, I did not think of the game as a game changer. We might see a Spiderman title feature on the PlayStation. The timing lines up for an E3 2016 reveal and a July release with the movie coming up later on.

Another game that stole the attention was Horizon Zero Dawn. There is something so appealing about fighting giant robot monsters with bow and arrow that I put the game in my wishlist as soon as i saw the trailer. The game is developed by Guerrilla games, creators of the coveted Killzone franchise, which more than speaks of its potential. This is one Action RPG i can’t wait to get my hands on.

Hideo Kojima, the developer for the Metal Gear Solid series who was unceremoniously kicked out of Konami launched his own company by the name of Kojima Productions. The company has partnered up with Sony so we might see Kojima take the stage and set up grounds for a new game (Fingers crossed) in the E3 2016.

Nintendo Press Conference

Time: 14th June 9:00 am PDT / 14th June 9:30 pm

Nintendo is planning to give us a glimpse of the new legend of Zelda game it has been working on releasing on the Wii U. This probably will be the highlight of Nintendo’s press conference. Nintendo might even show us the much awaited Pokémon GO in action, since the announcement Pokémon fans are going crazy over the trailer and the gameplay leaks on the internet. Nintendo has announced to start its event in the E3 2016 with a Q & A session with a special Pokémon GO developer. Nintendo’s press conference will showcase upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, including Monster Hunter Generations from Capcom, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

You can catch all the press conferences Live on YouTube and Twitch. E3 2016 will be telecasted live on respective YouTube channels of the Developers. So be sure to tune in and witness the beginning of the new era to gaming and entertainment.