It is no surprise that Apple was planning to release iMessage for Android platform. The communication platform which was restricted to only Apple devices seems to be making a debut to the Android consumers as well. With recent mentions of this on many familiar websites like MacDailyNews, it is likely that iMessage will soon arrive on Android via Google Play Store. The announcement is anticipated until next week at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2016) by Apple where the tech giant will possibly introduce it. Apple’s iMessage is also known for its end-to-end encryption, a service currently used by iPods, iPhones, Macs for inter-device communication.

On the other hand, messenger services like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp already dominate the category, along with which Google recently announced at Google I/O its two apps Allo and Duo in the same section. Also, Apple has released apps like Move to iPhone, Apple Music Beta , and other apps in the Google Play Store before. With already many services, existing and to-be-introduced, it less likely for an Android user to adopt the iMessage app.

A few attempts have been made to bring the iMessage platform to Android way before when Apple might’ve thought about it. An app called Pie Message is still available on GitHub by , and it is intelligent. The method involves one to have a Mac to make a server relay between the iOS and Android platforms to receive messages from each other. A confusing but helpful way for having iMessage for Android. Check out the video if you are still interested. Though the rumour sounds too good to be true, it is still a rumour, and we must wait till next Monday, i.e., June 13 10:00 AM PT for all the speculations which are to be clarified.