Coming September 2016, Apple will release its next flagship for which many are waiting, but most are curious what new the tech giant could unveil. Apple takes credits for naming its phones and other devices, and the next one is going to be called iPhone 7. It has been in consideration that it might drop the traditional numbering of models and will call the new one “iPhone Pro” suggested by an iPhone 7 rumour in recent months.


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The iPhone 7 Rumour: Two Phones

Apple is sure to release two versions of the iPhone 7, and will be having the same screen sizes as they were with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and its further variations. The body shape of the new model is not yet finalised, but a few iPhone 7 rumours and pictures suggest that it might retain the same form of the predecessors. The back camera might be flat this time instead of protruding out. The antenna bands also might be removed from the rear part but remain on the sides and corners as implied by MacRumours.Apple iPhone 7 Rumour Round-up (5)

As suggested earlier, The removal of headphone jack at the bottom will lessen the thickness of the new iPhone. But recent rumours suggest that both the variants oh iPhone 7 will have the same width as the iPhone 6s. If this happens, people will be compelled to buy extra accessories like adapters to listen to music. But the idea suggests to better phone design and space provision for some other specs addition. People are already not liking the idea to drop the traditional music listening system, while considering the other part of the market where almost every phone has a headphone jack.Apple iPhone 7 Rumour Round-up (6)

Internal Specifications

Coming to the internals, TSMC is expected to manufacture the A10 next-gen processors, Samsung’s role is not known yet. Also, according to a Chinese website MyDrivers, the new iPhone may have 3100 mAh battery capacity along with a high-end version iPhone with 256 GB of internal memory. The website also suggests another “iPhone 6c” with 1642 mAh battery and 2 GB, all of which are only rumours and not confirmed yet. There is also noise on the Internet about how the two variations will be different from each other internally and externally. iPhone 7 might have 2 GB of RAM whereas iPhone 7, bigger size, might have 3 GB RAM, according to an iPhone 7 rumour.
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Camera Features

Camera architectures of both phones might be different; some leaked photos suggest dual-cameras. It is expected that iPhone 7 Plus may have the dual-lens camera system whereas the iPhone 7 will continue with a single-lens system. An image suggested that the iPhone 7 with dual camera lens will also have a Smart Connector, like in the iPad Pro but implemented for an iPhone.
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The unique tethering method allows transferring data and power to the device. But it makes no sense what use it would have if there is already the lightning connector which the same work. So the image can be dropped as a fake as recent rumours tell tat Apple dropped the idea of Smart Connector. It is also possible that it might be a feature based on which kind of model you buy, proposing a certain models would have it and others won’t.

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No 3.5 mm Headphone Jack

Long suggested and rumoured, the future iPhones might not have the retro, Headphone Jacks. There is no doubt that iPhones will now be shipped with new EarPods, also expected to release this September. People will switch to adapters or Bluetooth enables headphones, a change in our routine which Apple wants to bring in. The lightning adapters which converts the 3.5 mm Jack into the lightning connector to consume audio have started to surface in the market. Images from Macotakara show the product.

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Having wireless headphones/earphones will be a saviour as they are also compatible with non-Apple devices whereas buying new accessories such as the adapters to convert the port type, either way, will make that pocket of yours a little lighter. Music lovers are to overcome the change and will have a new listening experience as Apple might make changes to the regular old Ear Pods and introduce the noise-cancellation technology along with increased audio quality (possibly lossless), considering its acquisition of Beats long ago.

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It is not until September that we can confirm iPhone 7 rumour mentioned here and all over the Internet as they are just rumours. World Wide Developer Conference is also to be held before which might give us a peek of new iOS 10, as Apple always does. There are also some rumours that suggest an edge-to-edge display design which would be something to look forward to. Apple fans are also eager about the Apple Watch 2 releasing the new iPhone 7 and expected other products like the Mac books and iPads.