All of the built-in apps work great and in fact, with the compatibility so great one feels that there must be more. One advantage the Watch apps are given is that they can have their part well as an app and partially in the Glances. With that said the app is only allowed certain info in Complication ion the Watch faces, unlike the android wear which gives third-party watch faces Apple’s Complications is the only element in the Watch the developers are allowed to tweak. What apps to use with my Apple Watch? The first question every guy asks himself. Well here is a list of apps for your Apple Watch and iPhone to go hand in hand.

BBC News


If you are an avid reader of news and can’t stay without your hourly news feed then this is the perfect app for your Watch. Get the condensed news feed as a summary along with the 3D touch functionality for more option on the article and categories to browse. The summary with the picture gives an idea and with the Hand-off feature you can open the app directly in iPhone. The crown again is helpful for a quick scrolling without blocking content from the view.

 Find Near Me


An advantage of having a device portable and accessible all the time is that it will help you with your daily routine. Find near me will be able to locate all the locations around you and sort them into categories to choose from. A helpful feature on the Watch if you travel to distant places and want to find an ATM machine for cash or cutlery shop for a souvenir. Integration with Siri is also available which make things much easier. Real-time directions will make sure you know where you are exactly.



Currency is a pretty small idea on the Watch but one can make the most of it. It basically converts currencies just as you would expect. All the currencies are chosen on the iPhone and the settings are reflected the Apple Watch. The amount is entered and the conversion is displayed in the list of first 3 currencies.



This app will make you from fat to fit. The concept of this app is that the instructor through voice will keep you exercising until a certain goal is reached. After the goal is reached rewards given and the assistant comments how it is your ‘master’. A funny but useful way to lose weight. Your weight must be entered before the app begins the workout. The Watch will notify what to do and when to start and stop with Taptic feedback often.

TuneIn Radio Pro


TuneIn Radio pro provides almost all online radio stations available internationally. The iPhone app lets you to even record a particular interval and save it to play later. Same functionality has been brought to the Watch so that you get the most out of the app. There is also a free version which works similar to the Pro version except the access to the stations and the occasional skipping. And of course, it takes the full advantage of 3D touch with the music plays interface.



If you are not familiar with this app, it lets you build up memory using small flash cards and instructions. These instructions are to be remembered in order to proceed forward in the game. The Watch interface, unlike the iPhone one, does not have a timer for a countdown to tense you. The display shows 4 cards as a part of a daily exercise to your brain and also shows progress on a daily basis. Beautifully designed for Apple Watch and fun to play.

If you have more apps for your Apple Watch and iPhone which you use let us know in the comments section below.