The unnamed smartphone has been named by Apple. The company has decided to call the iPhone SE considering that the phone won’t be any similar to the iPhone 5s except the size. The smartphone was previously called the 5s but with the specs as that of the 6s, according to Mac Rumours. Apple is rumoured to announce the smartphone somewhere in the late March along with other products and hopefully the iOS 9.3 as an update for iPhones. The company aim the countries where the iPhone sales have been consistent such as China and India. The social media has also caught the frenzy of the alleged leaked images of iPhone SE.

Famous leakers like @OnLeaks and Steve Hemmerstoffer have shared some pictures showing the early renderings of the smartphone. The cast shape given to the case manufacturers and other physical photos have also been leaked online showing that the phone is going to have 4-inch size display. The shape of the iPhone will also be taken from its predecessors, the iPhone 6s. It is also possible that the company might not include Force Touch into the phone to reduce the price overall. Yet the phone is expected to aim the all kinds of customers across countries.

iPhone SE
Image Source: GSM Arena

The  camera upgrade is expected as seen in the previous iPhone, the resolution has increased to 12 megapixels iSight camera. The possibility of putting 4K video recording will depend if the iPhone SE will have the A8 or the A9 chip on it. My guess on this would be that they will not include, cutting the cost making the phone cheaper considering Apple’s standard phone costs. But it might feature the Live Photos concept. This can be justified with the sharing of Live Photos with incompatible iPhones works just with a long press gesture.

iPhone SE
Image Source: The Verge

The processor for the phone is expected to be an upgraded A9 chip by Apple in the iPhone 5SE. This will increase the work power of the iPhone as it has a small size. The battery life can also be extended if the processor’s clock rate is decreased to match the phone’s needs. Also, with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus possibly being released in September, the iPhone line-up will surely have a wide range to choose from. The release was supposed to be on March 15 but the date has been shifted to March 21st. The storage capacity might be only available in 32 and 64 GB. The color variants, as of now, is expected to be in the same Rose Pink, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. And the price will be announced in the event, taking place at Cupertino.