Apple’s official Smart battery case releasedmade for the iPhone 6s line-up. Being fed up with the default battery output given by the iPhones is clearly not enough and Apple entering into the battery case business. Who wouldn’t want some extra battery after a heavy use! case1


Coming to the utility of the product, the Smart Battery Case gives a 25-hour backup of talk time, 18 hours of Internet on LTE and even more on media playback, as mentioned on the official Apple site. The iPhone can easily slip into the case, unlike some cases which tend to be tough on the edges. Attaching the case to the phone will also give a status of the battery on the lock screen and in the notification center. The Smart Battery Case will be compatible with the normal Lightning Cable and the Lightning Dock to charge. The material is also pretty soft and comforting and holds similar looks as to the iPhone silicone case. The Smart battery Case comes in two colors – white and charcoal gray. Th case adds a bit of thickness to the phone and there is also a bump which shows the battery behind the case.case2

The exact units int mAh was not mentioned but the iPhone handling the work done on it while the case put on is impressive.Boosting the battery with this case would be helpful for the consumers, not carrying heavy power banks with the “slim” iPhone. The Smart Battery Case will be available for $99.

Source: Pocket-lint