• Audi Service Delhi West is Delhi’s first, Audi India’s largest and only centrally located service center facility, spread over an area of more than 45,000 sq. ft.
  • Our workshop is user friendly, Spacious and fully equipped with state of the Art equipment’s to cater for Periodic maintenance, General repair jobs and Accidental jobs with highest quality standards.
  • This world-class luxury after sales facility is the pinnacle of luxury care, and is also home to the first Audi Approved Plus.
  • Our Lounges – Owners and Drivers lounge have all the modern amenities for ease of our customers along with WI-FI facility.
  • Pick & Drop Facility – A team of expert drivers available for Pick and drop facility.
  • Helpline service – 24 x 7 in case of any emergency assistance.
  • Cash less Insurance claim facility – Insurance tie ups with majority of insurance companies.
  • Customer Care dept – Dedicated customer care department to resolve the customer queries.
  • Convenient working hours – Open on all 7 days, morning 9.30 AM – 7 PM.
  • Centrally Located and no waiting.
  • Body-shop – Audi Delhi West offer paintwork repairs to scratches, scuffs and dents to vehicle damage as well as damage caused by major accidents.

Audi Delhi West (After-sales) opened its door for the blogger fraternity for a hands on experience in their workshop. Conferred with the All India Best Debut Audi Partner of the Year 2012 and most recently with the Best Overall Performance and Audi Partner Sales Qualitative 2015. Audi Delhi West is considered as one of the fastest growing Audi Dealers in India. Our sales and services records outshines others as at Audi Delhi West we offer a tailor-made process that will help you in deciding the right Audi suited for you.

“We know you love your Audi. That’s why our team is dedicated to make sure your beloved Audi gets our best attention and support ” – Mr. Tarun Kapoor, Managing Director – Audi Service Delhi West.

The bloggers were introduced to the Audi Service Delhi West Centre and were indulged in a hands-on experience of the workshop.

Ms Priyanka Sharma – Service Head at Audi Delhi West explained the 7 main SCP’s involved in the service –

  1. a) SCP 1: Appointment Agreement.
  2. b) SCP 2: Preparation for appointment.
  3. c) SCP 3: Vehicle Reception.
  4. d) SCP 4: Performance of Service and Repair.
  5. e) SCP 5: Quality control.
  6. f) SCP 6: Return of Vehicle / Accounting
  7. g) SCP 7 : Follow Up

After the introduction and a brief synopsis of the various steps involved in the entire service procedure,the bloggers were guided to the first inspection point i.e. Direct Reception to have better transparency with the customers at the time of receiving the car.

At Direct Reception the following points were addressed – Overview of cars at 3 levels, i.e. Ground, Middle and Upper level.

Ground Level – In the Ground level, we check interior, exterior and engine compartment of the car.

Middle Level – In the middle level we check the thickness of the brake pads, Tyres condition and the side body of the vehicle which cannot be seen on the ground level.

Upper Level – In the upper level, we check under body of the car. (Customer gets the opportunity to check their cars from under-body)

Bloggers experienced at Direct Reception:

  • How to measure Tyre depth through special gauge
  • How to measure thickness of Brake Pads
  • Checkup of all fluids Levels and leakage
  • Performance of Wipers, Climate control, all lights etc
  • Overview of car when we put it on Lift.
  • General checkups.

Audi Delhi West has a separate engine room, so that the engine and gear box can tested and repaired carefully in a dust free environment without any disturbance.

In workshop we experienced the Break efficiency tester in which suspension & Breaks were checked. In this tester we will check the suspension and brakes forces on both sides of an axle, which in turns provides driving stability and efficiency during braking.

In Audi service center they have a special exhaust system consisting of two motors which sucks the polluted air to maintain Eco Friendly environment in the workshop.

In spare Part division, there are racks with shelf / location numbers which is directly connected to the computer systems so the workers can know the details. For example- what is the inventory, where is a particular part located, how many parts to be ordered etc.

Pre-pick area – This area helps in pre-picking of all the parts for the service to avoid delays and to safe the time of customers as well as the technician.

For each and every model / vehicle, painting of body parts takes place in a Special room which is called Paint Booth, it is equipped with a burner for baking the surface of the vehicle after performing the paint job.

After painting the vehicle, the car is kept in the paint booth to make the paint dry for atleast 45 minutes to settle down the paint for long lasting shine on the surface.

Car o tronics – For major damage cars, there is a special straightening bench for the body/chassis alignment to regain the car in its original shape by robotic process.

The entire process was explained in a step by step manner and the tour ended with a small quiz.