Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU), the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, today announced that it has officially extended support for its advertising network ‘DU Ad Platform’ to include advertisers and publishers in India. The announcement was made during the Ad:Tech conference in New Delhi, where Baidu was an exhibitor.

Baidu’s DU Ad Platform provides advertisers with intelligent targeted ads, and publishers with efficient monetization solutions. It can serve ads to over 1 billion people in both emerging and developed markets around the world. To ensure efficient ad delivery, Baidu has set up local servers in key markets and has incorporated cloud technology into the platform.

“Advertisers and publishers have different needs and we want to make it work for both sides,” said Tim Yang, General Manager of Baidu India. “Baidu has extensive experience in big data and cloud computing. This expertise was a huge asset for us to build our ad platform and help advertisers find the right customers. We’re really excited to finally bring it to India,” he said.

DU Ad Platform’s standout features are as follows:

– Precise targeting based on the behavior modeling of over 1 billion users worldwide;

– Publishers can leverage pre-detection technology, cloud network acceleration, and DU Ad Platform’s smart, real-time channel adjustment which delivers eCPM at peak efficiency;

– High global fill rate and low integration cost when compared to traditional advertising platforms;

– Easy API integration through a single interface;

– Supports native advertisements as well as an offer wall format;

– Local support teams in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt and Japan.

India is a fast-growing market in terms of digital advertising, especially on mobile devices. According to a 2015 study by Deloitte, total mobile ad spend in India was estimated to have reached between USD $70-80 million in 2015, with a year-over-year growth rate of roughly 70%. “We know that lots of publishers have trouble balancing monetization and user experience, and we think we have great solutions for them,” said Mr Yang.

DU Ad Platform was first announced at the Baidu World 2015 conference in Beijing. In addition to DU Ad Platform, Baidu also provides multiple advertising solutions through its popular Android app store MoboMarket, which is available in Hindi. These solutions include app ranking, editor recommendations, banner advertisements and more.

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