Last year Blackberry entered into the Android smartphone market by launching its flagship device the Blackberry Priv. Since the device is a flagship it was launched at a mind-boggling price of rupees 62,000. Although being an excellent smartphone, the  Priv was not the saviour Blackberry was looking for and so to remain in the game the Canadian manufacturer has decided to launch two Android devices in the 3-400$ range ( approx 23,000 INR) by the end of this year.

“We released our Android device just about when the high-end phone market went soft, so that was principally the reason behind the lukewarm response. However, the execution could have been better because I tried to sell these phones through carriers as retail shops,” -John s. chen

The CEO also said that they are looking at the affordable markets with two phones this year in $300-$400 range. One of the phones will follow the Blackberry Priv’s design language with the slider keyboard format and the other phone will be a full touchscreen phone.

Talking about India in his interview with The Hindu, Chen focussed on how it was a very important market for Blackberry and also that he hopes to regain India as one of the top 10 Markets for Blackberry.

 “We are also working with government agencies to provide security services,”-Chen

Blackberry is also focussing on its BB10 OS as it will pushing an update to it very soon. Although the OS is very slick nd useful it has a very disappointing market for apps and that is one of the primary reasons for its failure.

Blackberry will have to bring something very unique to the table with its future mid-range phones as the market is dominated by companies like one plus and Xiaomi which have the tendencies to provide no compromise specs and quality at the very same $300-$400 price  range and sometimes even cheaper.

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