Popular tech geeks Jonathan Morrison, Austin Evans have tested the new iPhones in terms of processors. They found out that one can get an iPhone 6s and 6s+ with the TSMC chip or the Samsung chip. Both of the types were tested heavily by these YouTubers. The results were surprising. You can also check your Check your iPhone 6s and 6s+ for chipgate

AnTuTu Benchmark

What’s the difference?

Both the chips have been ordered by Apple to be manufactured by TSMC and Samsung. Both chips have given different results as to how it performs under different circumstances. When a 30-minute Timelapse was shot on two different fully charged iPhones, the one with the TSMC chip lasted longer than the Samsung. The Samsung-made Chip is smaller comparatively though you cannot open up an iPhone just to check its chip. The next up was shooting 4K video by Jonathan, in which there wasn’t much difference – Samsung 6s gave 75% whereas TSMC 6s gave 80%. The TSMC on the iMovie test was a little slower than the Samsung one, but again the TSMC turned out to give more battery. The Geekbench test showed significant results too. A Reddit post also proved the same telling TSMC last almost 2 hrs longer.

Check out Jonathan’s video:

How do I check my iPhone?

You comparatively check with the Geekbench 3 app. There’s a free app called Lirum which can check the type of chip for you. It is basically a monitoring app, but we need it to check the processor model, which will be as follows:

  1. iPhone 6s:
  • N71mAP – TSMC
  • N71AP – Samsung
  1. iPhone 6s+:
  • N66mAP – TSMC
  • N66AP – Samsung

Check out Austin’s video:

There is no telling which one you will get until you open the iPhone.Overall TSMC is the savior and if you get a Samsung one then you have a bad luck. Samsung was fast but get hotter with time.