In recent weeks, many people might have encountered this circumstance where you plug in your Pendrive into someone’s computer for copying something and later when you check you find that there is a shortcut of your Pendrive, but space is taken up by the copied files. The problem is that you cannot locate the files as there is only that “.lnk” shortcut. To fully clean the Pendrive what you would do is format it but this not recommended as frequent formatting can cause damage to the device. The main problem resides in the Pendrive if you want to recover the files if they are imperative. You can read more down below to remove shortcut virus from your computer and your external storage device.

Also, few of the tested antivirus tools are not able to detect the source of the shortcut create, and it is very frustrating. There might be the possibility that the computer also might be affected by this virus in the standard folders of the user. With most of the antiviruses skipping this virus makes it dangerous as makes the affected device useless. To tackle this problem, we have put together this DIY guide to show you how to remove shortcut virus completely without losing the files.

How To Remove Virus Shortcut from your Pendrive

Two simple methods can be applied to remove such “.lnk” shortcuts from the devices. These are easy steps written in simple English, do let us know if you run into any problem at any part of the guide.

1. Using Command Prompt

You can initially give a try and scan the Pendrive with your Antivirus for any virus if not you can proceed further.

    1. Search in Windows Search box fo Command Prompt, right click and click “Run as Administrator”.
    2. Type in the following code and press enter:
      attrib -h -r -s /s /d /*drive letter*/:\*.*
    3. Go back to your Pendrive’s directory and check all the files are restored.
    4. Delete all the unnecessary files from the file directory.


You can use the same method to remove shortcut virus from your Personal Computer and to follow the exact steps mentioned further.

2. Using a Software Solution

A tool called the USB Fix can be downloaded to remove shortcut virus from the Pendrive. After downloading USB Fix, you may have to disable your Antivirus for a certain amount of time to run and install it. Close all your windows if you are running and save them before running the software as it closes all the processes. The software looks a little dubious but works fine when the work is considered.


Connect the external storage device while running the software and choose the ‘Clean’ option. It cleans all the virus related files from the respective devices. Don’t forget to restart your computer since the tool makes changes in the Windows’ directories.

In real time, a script called “Wscript.vbs” is running the background which starts a process to create these shortcuts. To make certain that the virus is not created again in real time read following steps:

  1. Open Task Manager from the Windows Search box
  2. Select the Processes Tab (click More Details if not visible)
  3. Search for  “wscript.vbs” from the list
  4. Before ending the process right click the entry and click “Open File Location.”
  5. Delete the script after the window opens and terminate the process in the Task Manager

These are the two great methods by which you remove shortcut virus and protext your storage device and partitions. It is advised that you keep your antivirus safety system updated, don’t download any third-party Softwares from unknown sites and if possible check the computer for vulnerabilities before plugging in your external storage device. Let us know in the comments if you have a query about any step above.