Coolpad is no longer an unknown player in the Indian Smartphone market thanks to the success of its Coolpad Note 3 which sold like hot cakes and was popularised for being one of the cheapest smartphones with a fingerprint scanner. For quite a while now, Coolpad has been flouting the phrase “SMALL IS THE NEW BIG” on all its social media handles. Few days back Coolpad event teased us with this :


and finally today we got the final details of their exciting campaign which said :


We as of now are in the dark with respect to the information of what Coolpad plans to launch in this event. It could be a new Smartphone or a new Smartband. Thanks to their campaign slogan, we think its going to be the latter. TOI too had reported sometime back that Coolpad will venture into the market of wearables in 2016. So if we add all these pointers up, it would be safe to guess the new product for the Indian Market from the house of Coolpad is going to be the Coolpad Coolband KW50.

The Coolpad Coolband KW50 first came into sight at one of the Coolpad meetups later last year and we would not be surprised if its finally time to launch this device for the Indian market.


This is what the Coolpad Coolband KW50 looks like:

coolpad kw50 3
Coolpad Coolband KW50 Rear with heart rate sensor and charging port
coolpad kw50 2
Coolpad Coolband KW50 front screen showing time and date
coolpad kw50 1
Coolpad Coolband KW50 is expected to be launched with a variety of colored bands

From what is known about the Coolpad Coolband KW50 contains a motion detection sensor, heart rate detection sensor, sleep monitoring, caller ID, smart alarm clock, reminders etc.

The front of the Coolpad Coolband KW50 has a screen to display the time, the metrics of heart rate, time slept, steps walked etc while the rear side of the module contains the heart rate sensor and the charging port.

So what are your thoughts of the Coolpad Coolband KW50? Let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in buying the Coolpad Coolband KW50? Stay connected for more updates as there are chances that Coolpad India might even launch a new smartphone on the 15th of Jan.