Edimax New Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Networking Solutions ‘Edimax Pro’

Performance, functionality and usability designed for day-to-day enterprise environments 11ac technology, Powerful security, flexible deployment and management options for company MIS departments


Edimax Technology, today introduced their business solution – Edimax Pro, designed for modern mainstream businesses. The Edimax Pro series is a range of high performance, reliable and affordable Wi-Fi solutions for modern businesses to ensure seamless connectivity for Wi-Fi devices to support growing Mobility, IT and video demands.

Today, Small, Medium &Enterprise businesses demand effective networking solutions, from the time when business operations run through computer networks. Business applications require high-performance design features for indoor and outdoor area’s with wide coverage and capacity based wireless networks. Edimax Pro series is designed for such requirement with leading 11ac technology which is durable, robust and ready for business usage.



  • High-Performance Design with High-Speed Dual-Band 11ac Series Access points- State-of-the-art IEEE 802.11ac wireless technology delivers the Giga-fast Wi-Fi speeds that today‘s fast-moving modern business environments demand
  • Fast Roaming with Seamless Mobility- Roams smoothly between APs without lag or interruption, ensuring top performance for video and voice streaming applications
  • Wide Coverage & Multiple SSIDs -Keep every corner of your business connected and differentiate user groups, departments or guests with up to 32 separate SSIDs with independent security
  • BYOD Solution & High-DensityNetworking – Helps in providing wide coverage and huge capacity network for BYOD trend and densely populated zones
  • Network Management Suite (NMS) for Small Offices – Supports AP array architecture, which enables the central management of a group of access points.NMS can be installed on one access point and support up to 16Edimax Pro access points, no controller required.
  • Dedicated Access Point Controller for SMBs/SMEs -Network administrators can plan and manage access points according to their office space using an easy, remote web-based interface which includes a dashboard, map view, traffic statistics and wireless client list for network-wide remote administration.