Flickr, the only hope for a dying tech-giant (Yahoo) has taken a big step backwards today after announcing that it will make the photo upload tool a Flickr Pro only feature. The news comes less than a year after it introduced the ability to automatically upload photos from your hard drive.

The company updated it’s product last year, Flickr 4.0 introducing a helpful Camera Roll tool that organized photos in reverse chronological order, but it was Uploadr that made Yahoo’s photo-hosting service a particularly enticing prospect in a sea of competitors. becomes the No. 3 handset player in Russia

Last year’s update made it a very helpful and usable app but this update is a step backward and in the wrong direction.

The service is currently offering a coupon for 30 percent off the annual $49.99( 3400 INR) subscription fee.
Services like Google plus offer the same functionality but for free, even companies like Apple have now provided free cloud uploading features like iCloud.

So what’s your take on this update ?
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