The newest season of the epic fantasy TV show from HBO is still months away and we’re already aching to see it. HBO released small glimpses of the newest season. After receiving news, that fans would not be able to get their hands on Winds of Winter, the next book in the series The Song of Ice and Fire, before the telecast of the latest season. What happens next is anyone’s guess. HBO set a hard date on the return of the show with a tweet on its official twitter account. The first episode of the popular English fantasy show will premiere on April 24th, 2016. So here we speculate on the latest Game of Thrones news and rumors.

(Warning: These may contain spoilers, Read at your own Risk)

Winter is finally here. In the last season, we saw jaw-dropping revelations, from Jon snow being killed to Stannis’s rebellion smashed by Ramsay Bolton. From the Daring escape by Theon and Sansa to The revival of the mountain. Season 5 left a lot of things unanswered.

Is Jon Snow really dead?

From the moment, our beloved night watch commander was stabbed by his own sworn brothers people went overboard to try and find reasons why he could not be dead. The methods ranged from the revival of Jon Snow by Melisandre, the fire priestess, to turning into a white walker and returning to Winterfell. Seeing as Jon Snow hasn’t had a haircut yet only strengthened their suspicions. Jon Snow was also seen on the set of the Game of Thrones.

If Jon Snow is indeed revived by the fire priestess, he could go back to Winterfell and kill Ramsay Snow, since he is freed from his oath and his watch ended when he died. However things hardly work out so perfectly in Westeros and the only thing we can do right now is to speculate.

Game of thrones news and rumors: season 6 poster Jon Snow
Game of Thrones Season 6 Poster

Bran Stark in Season 6

Game of Thrones completely circumvented Bran stark in season 5 but we have confirmed the news that he is indeed back. The last scene saw Bran entering the home of Children of the forest and meeting the three-eyed raven an old man who is joined with a weir wood tree. In the book Bran learns how he could look through any weir wood tree in Westeros. We have sufficient reason to believe that bran stark might prove pivotal to the Game of Thrones story. Some even say he would control the dragon through his powers.

Stannis is dead for good

The last few episodes saw a pivotal change in Stannis’s claim to the throne, he was killed at the hands of Brienne of Tarth. Although Stannis has been called as an excellent war commander more times than we can count, by the end of the season he became increasingly desperate for a victory. In a move that was abhorred by Stannis fans and others, he burned his own daughter alive. His army crushed by the Boltons. It is confirmed Stannis Baratheon is dead.

Will Daenerys Targaryen finally come back to Westeros?

The question people have been asking for a long time now. Will Daenerys Targaryen finally heed the advice of literally everyone around her and go home to Westeros. Now that Tyrion has joined the league of advisors to her. It is very likely that the quick-witted dwarf might just convince the mother of dragons to sail home and claim the iron throne. In the last scene, we saw Daenerys surrounded by a huge Dothraki Khalasar. This khalasar could become an addition to the queen’s army of the unsullied, maybe swayed by the sight of Drogon.

Jaime might avenge his daughter

Leave it onto Goerge R. R. Martin to turn one of the most heart melting father-daughter scene into a murder, a brutal one at that. In the final scenes of the season we saw Jaime taking a fatherly role and bonding with his…. (I mean) Robert and Cersei’s child, Myrcella who ends up dead in the very next scene by a poisoned kiss. Could this mean that Jaime might come back to avenge his daughter and lay waste to the sand kingdom? The latest teaser did show a scene on Jaime leading a Tyrell Army. Although rumors also have him placed in Riverrun laying siege to the castle.

So here it is (almost) every major Game of Thrones News and Rumors. Game of thrones is entering into one of the most awaited seasons. Since book and tv show fans alike go into this season with no idea at all what could happen next. The delayed sequel is to be blamed.