Glass body and AMOLED display on the iPhone 8?

Latest rumors by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predict an AMOLED display on an all glass enclosure on the iPhone 8.

iphone 8

According to rumors, Apple is planning to ditch the aluminium body on its iPhone 8 and go in for an all glass enclosure instead. Another major rumor is that the iPhone 8 will showcase an AMOLED display as compared to the conventional retina display that the iPhones have been rocking until now.

A new report on 9to5mac by Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable KGI Securities analyst known for his accurate Apple predictions, claims that the iPhone will be seeing a major redesign in 2017, wherein Apple will drop the aluminum casing for an all glass enclosure showcasing an AMOLED display. Kuo believes the reason for this change is that Apple no longer considers the aluminum casing modern or “fresh” in 2017. Apple’s competitors have started opting for aluminum bodies which made Apple want to stand out with an all glass enclosure.

Although Kuo has made these allegations, he hasn’t currently mentioned the specifics of the redesign of the iPhone 8, leaving it up to the general public’s imagination, until renders start rolling out. Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year, which is so far rumored to lack the headphone jack. The biggest thing, however, for the iPhone 7 would be the addition of a dual-camera for crisper photos. Chances are the dual-camera may only be available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

As for the iPhone 8, the new glass body will also feature the AMOLED screen, which is thinner and lighter compensating for the heavier glass frame. Although it is still unclear how Apple will construct an iPhone primarily out of glass, Kuo believes that it shouldn’t be an issue for Apple, considering they used glass extensively on the iPhone 4 and 4S. In other rumors, Apple has reportedly signed a $2.6 billion contract with rival Samsung to supply OLED panels for the iPhone displays.

Apple is definitely planning something drastic and huge for the iPhone 8, but it’s a little too soon to speculate on the final aspects of their future product. Stay tuned for more updates.