Gran Turismo 7 is an expected arrival from Sony and its absence from the Sony keynote in the E3 raised a few eyebrows. Sony’s Shuheo Yoshida has admitted to testing various games on the PlayStation VR with racing genre showing promise. So we can expect the developers at polyphony are hard at work to bring their game to the VR platform as well.

While Polyphony is yet to announce its arrival Gran Turismo 7 was hinted by the studio boss Kazunori Yamauchi to arrive on the PS4 before 2017.

“[In the] many trial tests we’ve been doing, some genres just work fine,” Yoshida said. “One of those genres is racing games. So when Gran Turismo comes out on PS4, I’d like to see it support PlayStation VR, yeah.”

The idea of sitting inside a virtual Nissan GTR zooming past opponents on a rainy day and hearing the revving of the engine and the crowd cheering would make any petrol head exclaim with delight.

Gran Turismo 7 to feature VR support

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Although both the PlayStation VR and Gran Turismo are still behind the curtain. Some rumours about the PlayStation VR being released in Q1 2016 have slipped through and Sony Computers Entertainment CEO Andrew House has indicated that the device will cost the same as ‘a new gaming platform’.

Last month the developers of the previous iteration of the series released a course editor that allowed users to build their own track from 4 themes.

So we can expect Gran Turismo 7 to feature VR support. Since the game would be taking on the likes of FORZA the game needs to bring a little extra to the table and this move can be the head turner. What do you think about the news? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: T3