With the launch of the 2016 Google Nexus smartphone, the tactile technology might become more of a common feature, not restricted to iPhone. And thus, enters HTC.

As per Times of India, HTC will be using a 3D Touch like pressure sensitive display technology in the next Google Nexus smartphone. It is possible that Google might look at making the feature a standard feature in Android phones.

It seems that Chinese tech giants like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo and Vivo are also working on this technology.

The lack of support from app developers has so far hampered the proliferation of the technology for Android devices. With Google getting on board,that could drastically change.

3D Touch allows users to interact more intuitively with their devices via a pressure-sensitive screen which mimics the feel and response of real buttons. In the long run, the force-sensitive technology also promises new or better applications, from more lifelike games and virtual reality to adding temperature, texture and sound to our screens as well.