The latest iOS which was seeded last week was found to have a bug which allowed anyone to access contacts and photos. YouTuber Jose Rodriguez showed in his video how exactly he used Siri and Force Touch features to see contacts of anyone and to use a new contact to see pictures which are on the iPhone. We now have a reason to Switch Siri off reason beeing the iOS 9.3 bug.

The vulnerability exists in iOS 9.2 through iOS 9.3.1 which is the latest update up until now. Th following steps will show you how to do so:

Steps to Access to Contacts, Photos on your iPhone (iOS 9.3 bug)

Lock your iPhone before trying this out.

Step 1: Open Siri using the long press of home button and ask ‘Search Twitter.’

Step 2: While Siri asks back a reply with ‘at Gmail dot com’ or any other popular domain. Siri will search the email address among many tweets.

Step 3: When the results are shown, use the 3D touch to bring up the context menu.

Step 4: Create a new contact with any name and try and set an image for the contact.

With this method one can look into all the photos in the device and also check out the existing contact by choosing the ‘Add to Existing Contact’ option. The only way to fix this issue to update to the latest iOS which Apple is planning to release or you can go into Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode-> Disable Siri on the Lockscreen and switch off Siri unless you need Siri on a daily basis on the lock screen, for example, while driving. If you do, you can go into Privacy Settings and restrict the photo access of Siri to prevent this bug partially.

The following video shows how to do the steps that have been instructed above on YouTube: