People have always loved the compact size and one handed use-ability of the Apple iPhone. Although Apple did increase the size of its smartphone lineup in 2014, there have been several speculations of a device with a screen size similar to the holy-grail of iPhones that it the iPhone 5S, and as the company likes to keep it simple they are probably going to name it the iPhone 5SE.

Apple iPhone 5SE:- what to expect.

We expect to see a mid-range phone with a design similar if not exactly same as iPhone 5S. As far as we know the screen will remain at 4inches and processor and the camera will definitely get an upgrade.

Leaks and Rumours

Over the past few months, several components of Apple iPhone 5SE have been leaked or rumoured renders have emerged from case manufacturers and other sources.


iphone5se screenGoing through all the screen leaks we can confirm that iPhone 5SE will not have 3D touch. This was was expected as Apple is trying to cut the cost of this device.


Apple will update the processor of iPhone 5SE to A9 i.e the one a9processorfound on the iphone6S and 6S+. The Apple A9 is at the time of launch was known to be one of the fastest and most efficient mobile processor in the world. Powering a smaller screen this time around we can expect a good battery life and zero lag from iPhone 5SE.


iphone 5SE cam

Apple devices are known for their brilliant cameras  and true colour production. Last year they bumped up the camera to a nice 12 Megapixels and 8 MP front-facing selfie cam. Apple iPhone 5SE is expected to have the same camera module so we can expect some quality shots out of this device.

Other leaks

iphone 5se

The iPhone 5se is rumored to include many features found in Apple’s most recent devices, like the newest Bluetooth 4.2 specification, faster 802.11ac WiFi, a barometer for tracking elevation, and VoLTE support. Like the iPhone 5s, it will include Touch ID, but it will also ship with an NFC chip.

Like all other standard devices, this device too will come with storage options of 16.64 and 128GB. Although we would really like to see a 32GB option instead of 16GB.

Release date

Initially, an event was scheduled on 15th March 2016 but according to the latest rumours, the event has been pushed back to the last week of march, somewhere around 21st March 2016.

What are your expectations from this upcoming device?

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