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With the recent unveiling of the new iPhones, everyone’s waiting for them to hit the stores. The recent pre orders have broken the sales records which has crossed the $13 million mark in just 3 days. Comparing to the recent years in China alone three carrier companies have pre orders going upto $10 million. With few many features like the 3D Touch and Live Photos one wouldn’t say it unnecessary but extra is not bad at all.

20 best iPhone 6S Features

iFixit’s tear-down a few days ago of the iPhone 6s has shown that the the RAM is twice as much as as it’s predecessor, with the LPDDR4 standard. The battery has been reduces for some reason from 1,810 mAh to around 1,710 mAh, possibly because of lack of space. With all this said, the last question to answer, “What’s the price?”.

As a concerned Indian, price is a great deal to buy an iPhone. Keeping in mind the Indian prices last year of 6 and 6+, the prices this year too might be predictable.

iPhone 6s:

16 GB: US Price : Rs 42,834 : est. India Price: Rs 56,746
64 GB: US Price: Rs 49,434 : est. India Price: Rs 64,857
128 GB: US Price: Rs 56,034 : est. India Price: Rs 73,516

iPhone 6s Plus:

16 GB: US Price: Rs 49,834 : est. India Price: Rs 66,856
64 GB: US Price: Rs 58,039 : est. India Price: Rs 77,586
128 GB: US Price: Rs 62,636 : est. India Price: Rs 83,737