Reliance Jio launched just a few months ago first with their preview offer which was hard to get and those who were lucky enough to get it enjoyed high-speed data like never before. After their commercial launch, the demand for Jio sim has always been high and people had a hard time getting one. Now a days you can easily get a Jio sim and enjoy free unlimited access til 31 March 2017. Here are all the things that changed in Indian Telecom sector after the launch of Jio.

Before Jio the Data prices were Skyrocketing, every other carrier were offering data at such a high price that people didn’t generally go for data packs. Now you can easily get 4G High-speed data at just RS 50 per GB. All carriers offered similar data plans and there weren’t many options available to the end user. Now all the Incumbents are fighting with each other to offer better offers just to get more users to buy data from them. All carriers were based on voice calling plans and Jio came with the free voice calling model. Recharge and billing were a big part of people’s monthly budget. Jio trial model eliminated this issue by offering a free trial to the user.

The Networks were passive before Jio came into the market, they had nothing new to offer. Jio made the market more active with its attractive offers. What’s more with Jio user get unlimited access to streaming services for Music, TV, and Movies. Jio Network is also roaming free, thus user don’t have to play additional charges when they more from one state to the other.