Leaf Wearables and ZIVEG to launch ZIVEG SAFER SMART JEWELLERY

Ziveg Safer Smart jewellery

Leaf Wearables, India’s leading wearable technology company and ZIVEG, India’s largest Silver Jewellery brand online have come together to launch the first line of ZIVEG SAFER SMART JEWELLERY. In a revolution of its kind, it is an intersection of fashion and technology. The ZIVEG SAFER Smart Jewellery is a catalog of 8 designs that accommodates the technological features of SAFER with the design engineering from ZIVEG. It comes with many captivating features for modern urban women.

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SAFER, a smart device that keeps you safe and connected which was launched by Leaf Wearables last month can now fit inside ZIVEG’s jewellery. In case of any emergency SAFER triggers an alarm which sends your real time location to your predefined set of guardians. The revolutionary SAFER technology is now available in many elegant designs by ZIVEG. ZIVEG SAFER Smart Jewellery demonstrates how technology integrated with fashion can be used for personal safety, receive important notifications even when your phone is away and ensure you can virtually travel with your friends using the SAFER app. It also has a fun feature in which you can click flawless selfies using the app.

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ZIVEG SAFER Smart Jewellery is a product that allows you to take control over your look. ZIVEG’s seamless design engineering allows you to change the color of your jewellery everyday. With high-quality material and fabrics, the products ensures maximum durability and is lightweight. The device can be pressed from above to activate the alerts.

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Speaking about the launch, Haushang Arora, Co-founder, ZIVEG said, “We are delighted to partner with Leaf Wearables and with this partnership, we want to change how people see and consume fashion with technology. With the evolution in tech and fashion space, we realized that fashion is taking the face of technology and has evolved as the new fash-tech wearable. The intersection of design & technology will empower the consumer to the next level. ZIVEG’s design engineering with Leaf’s technological expertise has resulted in a truly remarkable line of ZIVEG SAFER smart jewellery.”

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Chiraag Kapil, Co-founder, Leaf Wearables said, “Our partnership with ZIVEG is a step ahead to understand our consumer’s need. Just like there was a major drift from feature phones to smartphones in the past, Leaf is bringing the revolution by fusing regular accessories with the wearable technology and making them smart. I think it was about  time to step up our SAFER tech by a brand new collection of jewellery designs for our users with the introduction of ZIVEG SAFER Smart Jewellery. We personally love ZIVEG’s design sense and are very excited to announce the partnership. It is a belief of both the companies that the next generation of integrated experiences is about ease and delight, where safety can simply be assumed.This is a bold step for Leaf moving forward towards the mission of a million safer families by 2017.”