Lukup Media is India’s first dual-service operator that provides television, video-on-demand, and broadband services, all through a single connection. Our offering the ‘LukUp Player’ serves both as a set-top-box and a broadband router. The multi-functional device can be accessed from various devices like your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops all at the same time.

Media consumption, as we know it, is evolving, with our television screens no longer a preferred mode for a wide majority of us. An increasing number of viewers are veering towards their mobile phones/laptops to watch their favourite shows. In this rapidly transforming world of broadcast, we provide you with the ultimate ease of accessing content. The Lukup Player can be controlled through a mobile application which lets the consumer browse and view content from both linear TV channels as well as on-demand catalogues (on-air channels like NDTV Good Times, B4U Music, Cinema TV, video-on-demand channels like Bollywood On, Runway TV, Acacia, Chow Time On to name a few). It also enables the viewers to create a profile and customise playlists with privacy controls. You can record content in your absence and manage playback of stored media. Using the mobile application one can access and view content on the phone itself, even if you are not in the near vicinity of the Lukup Player.

The Lukup Player X and XP allows you to watch TV, Video-on-Demand, and access internet all at the same time with a single Ethernet cable connection. Moreover, the Lukup Player XP is a compact portable version that comes with a built-in HDMI and a USB cable and has an internal storage of 16 GB.

The LukUp player acts as a WiFi hotspot, and can be used by mobile phones, tablets and PCs to access the internet. It can be controlled by a mobile application. On the application the television guides available lets users browse and view content from both linear TV channels as well as on-demand catalogues. You have features to search, view content on different screens, create playlists, record content and manage playback of stored media and much more. The Lukup Player lets users create profiles and create privacy controls, share content on social network accounts, operate media storage and create a list of favourites. The mobile application used to operate the Lukup Player is itself usable even if it is not within the vicinity of the Lukup Player. The mobile application also lets users search, view and share content on the phone itself.

The subscriptions start at Rs 690/- for 150+ free to air channels, 500 GB cloud storage to record TV, and 30 GB Internet access; with the Starter Pack you also get Rs 300 credit for pay TV and pay per view content. At present, Lukup Player is a one of a kind device in India, offering an exclusive repertoire of entertaining content (over 170+ channels including free-to-air, video-on-demand, and pay per channel view), it is driving the on-demand wave in the country and revolutionising the way we watch television.

Lukup Player X Specifications:

Processor                : 1.3 GHz CPU

Video                       : HDMI, Composite

Display                    : 1080p, 3D supported

Memory                  : 1 GB DDR3 RAM

Communications   : Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0‎

Broadband access : Ethernet

Power                      : 9W power adapter (12V, 1.5A)

Packaging               : comes with user manual and power adapter


Lukup Player XP Specifications:

Size                             : 90 x 52 x 18.50 mm

Weight                       : 60 gms

Video                          : HDMI

Display                       : High definition, 3D supported

Memory                      : 1 GB RAM

Storage                       : in built 16 GB SD card

Communications      : Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0‎

Broadband access     : Ethernet

Media access             : USB OTG

Power                         : 3.4W

Packaging                  : comes with user manual and power adapter