According to a local daily newspaper, the number of children who went missing and remain untraced across the country, increased by around 84 per cent between 2013 and 2015, with Delhi and Maharashtra leading the numbers. Around 180 children go missing on an average every day, including 22 from the national capital itself. The total number of untraced children in 2015 was 62,988 as against 34,244 in the year 2013. Here enters MOD1 Genie.


Our country is experiencing a very precarious issue where a child goes missing or untraced every 8 minutes. Keeping all the points under observation, a leading manufacturer of smart devices MOD1 has announced a wearable location tracker and whitelist phone number enabled phone named MOD1 GENIE which will provide micro level protection to the child going away from their dear ones.

The Genie eliminates the need of providing smart phones to kids, which can neither be misused nor are allowed at places such as schools or coaching centers. This device eradicates all the possibilities that could make a child go missing. With the mobile app parents can set phone numbers on which the child can make calls or from which the child can receive calls while ensuring connecting together.

MOD1 Genie inbuilt with several smart options like GPS Tracking, GSM/LBS, SOS Call in case of any emergency, Do Not Disturb Mode andEnvironment Monitoring which will notify if the child surpasses the distance set by their parents. This device is Water Resistant, made from extremely safe quality silicon with no harmful radiation and provides full protection to let your child play and grow freely.

Talking to Mr. Gaurav Chauhan; founder of MOD1.IN, he quips, “Since people are going digital, we took a digital solution to diminish the concern of missing children, crime against children, crime against late night office going females and put an end to such exploits. This device has been designed with several safety measures to meet such emergency and SOS requirements that even a 3 year old can operate with full functionality. The best part is it can’t be switched off which is the basic problem in the event of a crime or a potential criminal advancement. Just one click and all the pre fed phone numbers on the Genie will be immediately notified along with the exact location. Thus, in our quest to find a Logical, Reasonable and Inexpensive Solution, we founded the MOD1 Smart watches for a safer and smarter way to life. Its new way to keep time”

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