Nikon D5 Leaked: First look, 153 AF Points, and ISO 102,400

Nikon d5

It has been a long time waiting for the Nikon D5 now. Gradually leaks are emerging on the website regarding this new product from Nikon. The new DSLR for photography professionals from the house of NIKON is most likely to be called Nikon D5 if we are to go by the photos that have emerged.
Nikon Rumors has been sharing some rumored specifications of the Nikon D5 full frame body a long time ago, but it seems they have finally gotten their hands on some photos this time, of the much awaited Nikon D5 DSLR.


This is what the current Nikon D4S looks like:


If you closely notice, the interface on the topside of the Nikon D5 has got some new details and tweaks. The Nikon “swoosh” seems to have been redesigned and we can notice a new ISO button on the topside of the physical interface too. Though the MODE button seems to be missing from the top of the Nikon D5 now. The video recording button has been moved to a new position and microphone holes are noticeable around the printed “D5” logo on the right side of the new Nikon D5.

Nikon Rumors is quite a trusted site when it comes to Nikon fans and they have mostly been proved right with their predictions and rumors over the time. The same is expected in the case of the Nikon D5 as they seem very confident of a number of rumored specifications for the Nikon D5, such as: the new flagship DSLR will feature 153 AF points with a new and enhanced focusing module that has a bigger area as compared to earlier (Well, duh! They had to cramp those 153 AF points right! But it makes you wonder how many of these will be Cross type). There’s also a native high ISO of 102,400, up from ISO 25,600 in the D4S.

Though in practicality, ISO above 12,800 gives extremely grainy picture even with Nikon’s ability to come out with lucid pictures from all their DSLRs. So it would be exciting to see how Nikon’s new flagship will handle the extremely high ISO. Maybe Nikon has worked upon other aspects too to curb this problem.

Nikon is officially expected to launch the Nikon D5 in Q1 of 2016, so we can guess that CES will be a safe bet as a launch platform for this new and enhanced full frame flagship camera. Stay tuned for more information!

Source: Nikon Rumors