Nikon has unveiled their much awaited Nikon D5 in a press conference just before the commencement of Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES 2016) in Las Vegas. Nikon D5 is allegedly the camera which is to bridge the gap between a mirrorless and a SLR camera.

Nikon D5 finally revealed at CES 2016


The Nikon D5 comes with a unique “stable” mirror system. Nikon has claimed that the performance of this system is much better than that of the mirrorless cameras. The AF sensor has also been redesigned and so has been the image processing engine for the Nikon D5. The top of the line camera can clock 12 frames per second with its 153 AF point sensor (with 99 cross type points).


The Nikon D5 may have a new sensor but retains the same resolution around the line of 20MP with its sensor churning out 20.8MP images to be exact. The new image processing engine is termed as EXPEED 5 by Nikon. The Camera giant claims that the EXPEED 5 is a completely new type of a sensor which has a totally redesigned FX image sensor and comes out with more natural skin tones sans any sort of post processing. The ISO on the D5 can go up to 102,400 which can be further expanded to 3,280,000. Makes one wonder what sort of noise will we be talking about at such high ISO! Will have to wait and see. The Nikon D5, as expected, comes with a touch screen LCD panel for easy access to settings.


Nikon boasts that the new and enhanced design of the now unveiled Nikon D5 will allow the camera to continuously track moving subjects (even those in a haphazard manner). This finally puts Nikon at par with Canon with its Canon 1DX and 1Div which have had this feature for a long time now. The emphasis Nikon has given to the Nikon D5 and its new Auto Focus system makes one feel that Nikon must feel they have the best AF tracking system in the market right now. Nikon D5, as expected is also capable of capturing 4K video.


Nikon has also claimed that the Nikon D5 can capture 200 RAW images in one high speed burst. The Nikon D5 comes with a USB 3.0 port for high speed data transfer and 4x faster wireless connection, as per Nikon.

The Nikon D5 is supposed to go on sale in March 2016 (body only) for a price of Rs. 5 Lakhs (€6,989.00) in two variants, one with dual XQD card slots and the other with dual CF card slots.

Nikon, on the occasion of the launch of their beloved Nikond D5, launched another camera, Nikon D500 which has the same AF system as that of the Nikon D5 and on top of that has built-in connectivity with Snapbridge too. Snapbridge is Nikon’s file sharing software. Thus the Nikon D500 will be able to share images with other digital devices such as tablets and smartphones and of course, with cloud as well, directly.

nikon d500

The company also announced the Nikon D500. The D500 will use the same AF setup as the D5 and have built-in Snapbridge (the company’s file sharing) enabled and always able to share images with smartphones and other devices, and with the cloud.