The Finnish company is making a comeback with an Android smartphone this year. Back in December, the schematic diagrams of the upcoming Android based Nokia Smartphone was leaked on a Chinese social network Weibo. And now, the first Android based Nokia Smartphone can be expected by the end of this year.

Nokia can no longer bring out any smartphones till Q4 2016 and any feature phones for 10 years as per the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition agreement. To circumvent the restriction, the company may launch the smartphone under a different brand by licensing designs to hardware manufacturers.

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This upcoming Android based Nokia Smartphone is dubbed as Nokia C1. It was first going to run on Android L. But due to the delay in the launch, we can expect Android Marshmallow running on the device. Nokia C1 will be powered by Intel Atom processor inside and will be 5-inch in size with 1080 pixel resolution. With specs of 2GB RAM, 32 GB Internal storage (maybe expandable), 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera it’s going to be budget-friendly. This Android based Nokia smartphone is expected to be ready for launch by Q3 2016.

Nokia C1 was rumored to be launched with 2 variants of the device basing on the software i.e. both Lollipop and Marshmallow. Though it was just a rumor, it wouldn’t have profited them launching Nokia C1 with the old Android Lollipop anyway.

Have a look at the leaked images :

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Hopefully, Nokia will soon be back into the Smartphone business whilst choosing Android as its platform. This will surely bring the company the necessary profits along with some happy customers. Let us know your views on Nokia making such a bold move in the comments section below.

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Image Courtesy : Concept Phones